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How to Make Affogato at Home Without a Machine

Affogato is considered a delicious coffee-based dessert. It is served, as is customary for all types of coffee, in a cup. To be more precise, such a delicacy looks like a ball of ice cream that lies in a cup of hot coffee.

For brewing, you can use:

Take 100-120 grams of ice cream and put it in a cup. After that, pour over freshly brewed double or triple doppios and wait until the ice cream has melted. The combination of cool ice cream and hot coffee invigorates and refreshes well.

There is also another recipe with the addition of liqueur and tequila. A mixture of tequila and coffee liqueur is poured onto 125 grams of ice cream. This alcoholic mix is very popular in Europe and North America. Alcohol is essential to highlight the flavor – You can also change alcohol, depending on which ice cream you use. Bailey’s liqueur goes well with vanilla, Amaretto goes well with nuts, and cognac or rum goes well with chocolate.

Other Ways & Recipes For Brewing Affogato at Home

As Affogato is a very popular dessert among coffee drinkers there are many recipes and ways to prepare your favorite product. In addition to the main method that we have already mentioned above, there is another way worth your attention that we are going to review.

The Pure Chocolate

This method is pretty easy and as a result, you get a pretty tasty drink. You just need to follow these simple instructions below:

Recommended Machines to Use for Brewing Affogato

Affogatos aren’t really brewed, it’s just an Espresso with ice cream in it. The main reason why this drink is popular is the fact that it uses a combination of two of the most delicious products – ice cream and strong espresso. The good news is that both of these ingredients (mixed, or individually) are considered a delicacy. Each sip of this drink gives a sea of unusual sensations. An explosion of taste combined with hot espresso and cold ice cream will give heavenly delight even to the most sophisticated gourmet.

Espresso Machine – Yields The Best Results

It is a very popular fact that with the Espresso machine, you can get the best results possible. The preparation method is the same that we described above – the only difference is that you will have to pour a hot Espresso over ice cream.

You can prepare your Espresso using an Espresso machine. While some consider that this is not simple to do, you will be able to master your technique after several tries. If you do not have a machine at home, you can check out our list of the best Espresso machines down below.

Check Out the Best Espresso Machines Here!

Percolator – As Close to an Espresso As Possible

We know that not everyone is willing to purchase an Espresso machine especially if they want to make Affogato once, just to try it at home. In that case, I would recommend a Percolator which is relatively cheap and can be used not only for Affogato but other types of coffee as well.

Top Percolators to Choose From

What Beans are Recommended for Making Affogato?

Depending on the type of ice cream you’re adding, you’ll want to use either very bitter beans or ones that support the ice cream flavor. Affogato made from classic Arabica has the mildest taste. The addition of Robusta beans increases the strength of the coffee drink and adds bitterness to it.

It is not recommended to grind coffee beans to a fine grind though, go for something coarse. A medium roast is preferable, as too dark a roast will give the coffee beans a sharp taste that does not go well with ice cream. Lightly roasted beans will give it an acidic taste, which is not a good match for sweet ice cream. You can check out the list of recommended beans down below:

Ethiopia Coffee Beans Bolivian Coffee Beans Mexican Coffee Beans Brazilian Coffee Beans

Individual Bean Types for Affogato

There are many individual bean types that are used for an Affogato. First of all, you need to brew strong coffee. You should not skimp on the quality of the beans – the taste of the prepared dessert depends on how aromatic and strong the drink will be. Never use instant coffee – only freshly ground beans. For example, Catuai, Mokha, Icatu, and Harrar coffee beans go perfectly with affogato and you will get the best product eventually.

Catuai Mokha Icatu Harrar

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Affogato

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