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Robusta Coffee Beans: Types, Brews, Production Regions & Facts

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  • Flavor Profile: Slightly woody flavor with higher acidity and sometimes an earthy, almost rubbery aftertaste
  • Grown in: Africa, South-East Asia
Varieties Erecta, Nganda
Flavor Slightly woody flavor with higher acidity and sometimes an earthy, almost rubbery aftertaste
Grown In Africa, South-East Asia

Robusta coffee is manufactured from the beans (seeds) of the Coffea canephora plant. Robusta is a plant that originates in central and western Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the world’s second most popular coffee, accounting for 40% of global coffee output – That’s the main reason why people can find them pretty much everywhere they go.

Robusta coffee beans have an earthy flavor and are typically described as having a bitter flavor with an aftertaste of peanut. Moreover, Robusta coffee beans contain 80 percent more caffeine than another popular type of coffee – Arabica beans, resulting in a cup of coffee that contains 80 percent more of it.

So, why do people choose to drink this type of coffee? The first reason is that it is widely grown and available in any part of the world. Other than that, the majority of the world’s Robusta harvest is converted into instant coffee. The remainder is used to make lower-quality blended coffee, often as a tiny proportion of the mix. This is done not for the sake of taste, but as a cheap filler to reduce the cost of the blended coffee.

Currently, there are many different types of Robusta beans, but the most significant differences are seen in the Erecta and Nganda varieties.

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The History of Robusta Coffee – How Did We Get Here?

Robusta, like Arabica, is native to Sub-Saharan Africa. A 2005 research found a high level of genetic diversity among 700 wild genotypes in the Ivory Coast, however, as with arabica, genetic material was obtained from a number of sources.

A lot of people believe that Robusta coffee originated in India. India is in the list of the top 5 Robusta producing countries along with Brazil, Uganda, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Back in the 19th century, the highlands of southern India were initially exploited for arabica cultivation, as part of a persistent push to build plantations and feed the British industry’s coffers, beginning with a commercial plantation in Mysore that started the pattern and estates swiftly gained pace from there. While coffee in India may not have thrived on the global arena, overcoming both white stem borer and rust is no easy task. Although resistant Arabica types remained there, it was Robusta that propelled India’s coffee industry to the forefront.

Growth became much more in sync with the forest. Farmers in Mysore transitioned from a system in which coffee was produced fast in the deforested ground, uprooted, and replanted afresh to slower mature, lesser yielding, but longer-lasting, and less destructive plants. This resulted in the development of a long-term farming system. Communication from other nations resulted in a better understanding of shade-grown coffee, and many other techniques that are still in use today to produce the best robusta coffee.

Where is Robusta Coffee Grown?

Robusta coffee is usually grown in tropical regions mostly located in Africa, South America, and South-East Asia. Robustas are planted at elevations of no more than 3200 feet, and they produce fruit faster than Arabicas, which take many years to mature, and they yield more harvest per tree. It is important to note that the greater the altitude, the more difficult it is for plants to flourish. In the case of coffee, the cherry grows considerably more slowly, as the sugars require more time to develop.

Robusta coffee beans are susceptible to pests and environmental conditions, which is the main reason why they are often less expensive than Arabicas. The largest producers of Robusta coffee today are:

You can check out individual information on countries that produce Robusta coffee from the list below:


Brazil Coffee Ecuador Coffee Guatemala Coffee Mexican Coffee
Nicaragua Coffee Cuban Coffee Peru Coffee Panama Coffee


Ugandan Coffee Ivory Coast Coffee Tanzanian Coffee Cameroon Coffee
Madagascar Coffee Kenyan Coffee Zimbabwe Coffee Zambian Coffee


Vietnamese Coffee Indonesian Coffee Laos Coffee Papua New Guinea Coffee
Indian Coffee Philippines Coffee Malaysian Coffee Thai Coffee

What Varieties of Robusta Coffee Beans are There?

In the wild, there are numerous distinct types and variations of Robusta. Cross-bred strains of this coffee are sometimes difficult to distinguish, but two primary kinds are widely recognized: Erecta, (also known as upright forms), and Nganda, (also known as spreading forms).

Robusta is a diploid plant. It is a bigger and more robust bush than the arabica plant. Although robusta has a vast root system, it is shallow in comparison to arabica, with the majority of feeder roots restricted to the top layers of the soil. The leaves are wide, big, and light green. Flowers are white and fragrant, with bigger clusters than arabica. After getting rain, the flowers bloom on the 7-8th day.

Why is Robusta Mostly Used for Instant Coffee?

If you are a fan of instant coffee, then you will know that you’re also drinking Robusta. This is due to the low cost of Robusta beans. Because of the way instant coffee is prepared, a lot of coffee is wasted. Therefore, there is no better method to manufacture quick cups.

Currently, the major method is spraying a huge volume of fully brewed coffee into a big, dry, and heated tower. It’s completely empty on the inside, and it swiftly dries the coffee droplets. These are converted to solid pieces, which fall to the bottom of the tower. As a result, losing some Robusta will not be as detrimental as losing some Arabica. Furthermore, instant coffee must maintain some taste, which Arabica would lose in the process.

So, basically, the main idea is that Robusta has more caffeine and is more acidic, therefore perfect for instant coffee.

What Brews are Best to Make With Robusta Beans?

Once you get your Robusta beans, naturally you will want to brew them. Once again, Robusta coffee beans have roughly twice as much caffeine as Arabica, meaning that if you are not a fan of caffeine, then maybe you should prepare yourself. While there are many black coffee consumers across the world, certain coffees perform better and are intended to be drunk with additives such as sugar or milk.

Currently, there are a lot of traditional or modern brewing methods that can help you find the taste that you like the best. I think that all brews are good with Robusta beans, but let’s take a look at the ones I enjoyed the most so far.

Cold Brew – The Best Way to Brew Robusta Coffee Beans

Cold-brew is actually one of my favorite methods of brewing, as commercial Robusta tastes great while done like that. The main reason behind this fact is that the acidity and the bitterness remain with Robusta beans much better when cold brewed compared to Arabica. Additionally, cold brewing extracts minerals and tastes in a completely different manner than hot brewing. Observing the tastes with cold brew is much easier, and it gives you the possibility to get a peanut aftertaste or in a better version, some toffee notes.

It’s also wonderful since you can make a strong cold brew with less ground coffee than Arabica. As a result, it will be able to stand up to almost any seasoning you throw at it.

If you decide to go for this method, I suggest that you use a Precision Brewer – With the help of it, coffee is brewed fast and consistently. It allows you to adjust the water temperature, presoak duration, and flow rate. It produces cold brew automatically and without the use of any extra filters.

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Espresso – Better Creaminess

Robusta beans help with producing more cream when it comes to brewing Espresso but don’t match the taste of Arabica, unfortunately. The majority of people think that Robusta producing more crema is strange because of the way the crema is made. Crema is produced when hot water pushes air bubbles through the sugars and fats of coffee beans, which later transforms into the crema on top of your Espresso cup. The fact is that arabica has twice as much fat and sugar compared to Robusta. So, Robusta generating more crema may seem strange at first, but it is something that I myself have discovered over the large period of coffee brewing.

All in all, this method is perfect for people that love a good-tasting cup of Espresso with a lot of cream on it. This brewing option is pretty easy and nothing too complicated – You can see detailed instructions below.

Learn How to Make the Best Espresso

Top 5 Robusta Coffee Brands on Amazon

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, Robusta coffee can be found almost everywhere in the world. That means that you can even get it at your local grocery shop in a matter of minutes, however, we believe that you have higher standards. The coffee you will find near you may not be that good and if you want to taste a high-quality cup of coffee, then it is the best idea to go for Robusta coffee online. I have been buying my coffee from Amazon for years now, and I can tell that the quality has never disappointed me. With the help of Amazon, you can get your product with just one click and moreover, if you use Amazon Prime, the product will be with you in less than 24 hours.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

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Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

Just naming our favorite coffee names will not be enough, will it? That’s why we decided to make individual overviews of our top choices. With the help of Robusta coffee review, you can easily find out whether a specific product can be useful for you or not. So, relax and enjoy the process of discovering your new favorite type of coffee beans.

Farm Fresh Java Robusta Coffee

Price: $16.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 oz

Type: Robusta

Roast: Dark

Producer: Farm Fresh Java

Beans: Ground

Each bag of this farm-fresh java Robusta coffee includes 100 percent dark ground robusta beans, delivering real local flavors to your work, home, or anywhere in the world. These beans are roasted to the level which provides customers with that enticing scent that we mostly smell in cafes – The only difference is that now, you can easily bring that to the comfort of your own home.

The good news is that this coffee is not only good tasting but also keto-friendly. So, this might be a perfect choice for people who are on a keto diet and lifestyle. It means that you can still use milk types that are safe with the keto diet such as unsweetened soy milk, coconut milk, etc. Another reason why I enjoy this Robusta coffee is that its only ingredient is dark roasted robusta beans – There are no chemicals, fake flavors, or preservatives meaning that you can also feel good knowing the product is healthy.

If you want to buy Robusta coffee beans online, then I definitely recommend this one. At first, I could not believe that Robusta coffee beans could taste so delicious and fresh but facts are facts. The coffee is not bitter and the caffeine level is normal.

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Dalat Highlands Robusta

Price: $13.95 (subject to change)

Size: 16 oz

Type: Robusta

Roast: Dark

Producer: Heirloom Coffee LLC

Beans: Whole

With Dalat Highlands Robusta, you should be expecting something that is very intense. As this coffee comes with higher caffeine content, it means that it will taste stronger & bitter compared to Arabica. However, after taking the first sip of it, you might actually be very surprised – It does not have a strong or bitter flavor, and additionally, It does not dry up your mouth as a lot of other coffees do.

This type is a Vietnamese high-altitude Robusta which has evolved to be nearly its own subspecies, and the gourmet Robusta from this location is extremely tasty, in contrast to low-altitude variants and Brazilian Robusta. Once again, the caffeine content is strong, the body is high, acidity is minimal, and the drink is extremely smooth.

From my personal experience, I can say that this coffee can be the key ingredient in Italian espresso. Its luscious body, chocolaty taste, and outstanding aftertaste definitely accentuate Robusta coffee espresso’s, inherent sweetness.

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Dalat Peaberry Robusta Unroasted

Price: $24.95 (subject to change)

Size: 3 Pounds

Type: Robusta

Roast: Unroasted

Producer: Heirloom Coffee LLC

Beans: Whole

Dalat peaberry Robusta Unroasted created by Heirloom Coffee LLC is for espresso lovers. Its smoothness, low acid, and chocolatey tones will definitely contribute a lot to your coffee drinking process. It has an insane amount of caffeine and a touch of an earthy tone and chocolate overtones as it develops in tastes after resting for a time.

Other than Espresso, these are excellent Robusta coffee beans that complement the cappuccino. You can make a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans (50% arabica, 50% robusta) and yield the best flavor in a mixed coffee drink. It does not only have excellent thick crema but also a very bold taste. For a single 3-pound package you will have to pay $24.95 which, in my opinion, is a pretty good price.

The company behind this product is Heirloom Coffee LLC that has been in the industry since 2006. They sell unusual coffee types that are not available with basic brands. Their best-selling coffees are still Vietnamese brands like Trung Nguyen. However, they have already expanded and now provide their own fresh-roasted coffees, mostly focusing on uncommon coffee stock from unusual locations.

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Bach Vietnamese Robusta

Price: $14.95 (subject to change)

Size: 17 oz

Type: Robusta

Roast: Medium-Dark

Producer: Bach

Beans: Whole

Bach Vietnamese Robusta is the highest grade coffee that you can get off of Amazon. So, what is so exciting about this coffee, really? For me, this is straight up the best coffee I’ve ever had. There is no cream, sugar, or anything else. I combine it with a mild roast arabica, half and half. (Light roast coffee has a lighter taste and is more caffeinated than dark roast). The mixture is smooth, almost chocolatey, and full of taste. There is no bitterness like in dark roasted arabica. I use a manual coffee grinder that I can tune to my liking. For the greatest results, I recommend using a screw-type Vietnamese coffee filter press.

More about the company behind this product – Bach Coffee Company is a brilliant modern example of Vietnam’s gourmet specialty coffee business. You can not only buy Robusta coffee beans with them, but also Arabica (bourbon), or a 50/50 blend of Robusta and Arabica. The price is very affordable considering the quality and for a 17-ounce package, you will only have to pay $14.95.

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Truegrit Whole Peaberry Robusta

Price: $21.49 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Robusta

Roast: Medium

Producer: Nguyen Coffee Supply

Beans: Whole

The last on our list is Truegrit Whole Peaberry Robusta that comes with no additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. This coffee is perfect for all brewing methods such as Espresso machine, French Press, Drip coffee maker, Pour-over, etc.

The brand itself is Nguyen Coffee – New York’s first and largest Vietnamese-American-owned importer and roaster of Vietnamese coffee beans. Nguyen is presenting a new story and encouraging diversity, inclusiveness, and openness in the global coffee experience via this beverage. With them, it is possible to get different kinds of flavors. If you prefer a sweet and fruity brew, “Courage,” made entirely of arabica, provides an unrivaled experience. If you’re looking for a strong and nutty brew with a smooth finish, the “Loyalty” blend combines distinct qualities of Vietnam’s arabica and robusta for the right balance.

As for coffee – It makes a delicious cup of pour-over coffee with a nice smooth finish. It has a pleasant robust taste without being overpowering. I’ve tried various flavors from this company, however, this is my absolute favorite. If you want to order robusta coffee beans online, then this one is definitely worth thinking about.

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