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Ivory Coast Coffee – Guide To Cote D’Ivoire Coffee Beans

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Ivory Coast

$ 0.55 - $1.01 per ounce

  • How to serve: Usually served as black coffee
  • flavor: High in acidity and bitterness. Pretty coarse and woody aftertastes
Varieties Arabica, Robusta
How to Serve Usually served as black coffee
Flavor High in acidity and bitterness. Pretty coarse and woody aftertastes
Recommended Machine Pourover
Good As Americano, Lungo
Price Range $0.55 – $1.01 per ounce
Caffeine Level 0.2% on average

Ivory Coast coffee – Have you ever heard of it? If not, then you have been missing out on something pretty good. Before we start discussing the coffee itself, it is important to note that the history of this beverage in the country, which starts from the 19th century – This is the time when French colonizers brought coffee plants there. For quite some time, (in the late 20th century) Ivory Coast was the third largest coffee producer in the world after Colombia and Brazil.

Ivory Coast coffee is known for its bitterness and gritty texture, yet these characteristics do not conceal its flavor, which is extremely good. 90% of all coffee produced in the Ivory Coast is Robusta – they are considered more inexpensive and bitter compared to Arabica.

It is important to note that because Ivory Coast coffee beans were primarily sold overseas, residents did not have many opportunities to taste and appreciate their own coffee. Thankfully, This scenario is changing, with people preferring to consume their home cultivated coffee rather than exporting it entirely. In addition, a lot of cafes have been launched in the country, making it possible for coffee to be available to more people. In this guide below, we will be talking about all the important stuff that you need to know about the country’s coffee.

An Overview of the Landscape For Cote D’Ivoire Coffee

Ivory Coast’s flat topography makes it excellent for growing Robusta coffee beans, which the country exports in large numbers. In addition to its high caffeine concentration, Robusta has a harsh flavor that the majority of locals do not really enjoy. So, Robusta can easily be described as Ivory Coast bitter coffee. The Arabusta bean, on the other hand, is cultivated in the hilly area of Man, combining the power of Robusta and Arabica with flowery tastes.

As we already mentioned before, Robusta coffee is the most common type cultivated in the Ivory Coast, accounting for 40% of all coffee grown globally. Seedlings are cultivated on seedbeds before being transplanted into plantations. The plant takes five years to ripen and can continue growing for up to twenty years in total. For increased output, the plant is usually trimmed on a regular basis as it matures. Robusta coffee beans are grown at elevations of not higher than 3000 feet. Throughout the year, it is important that the plant catches enough rainfall so it is able to grow in a correct manner. Luckily, Ivory Coast is a perfect place for growing Robusta – rain levels are not less than 3000mm which is a perfect indicator.

Top Alternatives to Ivory Coast Coffee Beans

I mostly get my coffee from Amazon, as it is one of the easiest ways for obtaining them. Getting a coffee directly from local shops from another side of the world is pretty hard and additionally, is related to a lot of headaches including logistics, availability, prices, etc. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find Cote D’Ivoire coffee beans on Amazon, so here are some alternatives that are just as good if not better than the coffee of Ivory Coast. Below this list, we will also discuss several brands on Amazon that aren’t really Ivory Coast coffee brands but are very very similar.

Vietnamese Coffee Ugandan Coffee Angolan Coffee Kenyan Coffee

Top 5 Alternatives to Cote D’Ivoire Coffee Brands on Amazon

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

When it comes to coffee, a lot of things might influence your decision-making process. You are not only interested in the name of a specific brand, but you also want to know about its special features including price, brewing method, etc, etc. Below, you can check out individual overviews of our top choices, so you are able to choose the one that actually comes the closest to your personal taste.

Peaberry Ground Robusta

Price: $$21.49 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Robusta

Roast: Medium

Producer: Nguyen Coffee Supply

Beans: Ground

We are happy to start our list with Peaberry Ground Robusta which is a Vietnamese coffee and one of the best alternatives to Ivory Coast robusta coffee. My favorite thing about this product is that it does not come with additives such as fillers or artificial ingredients – so, if you are looking for a coffee that is both good-tasting and high quality, then this one might be the best option for you.

Before we say a little more about the taste of this coffee, you should know that it is produced by a trustworthy company. Nguyen Coffee Supply is New York’s first and largest Vietnamese-American-owned importer and roaster of Vietnamese coffee beans. Nguyen is presenting a new story and encouraging diversity, inclusiveness, and openness in the global coffee experience via coffee.

When it comes to Ivory Coast coffee quality alternatives, it can be considered one of the best in the world. That’s why we chose this particular product as an alternative – When brewing at half strength, it can fill you up with a lot of energy and help you feel more energetic. All in all, this coffee is definitely worth the price. It tastes precisely like real Vietnamese coffee, but without the full impact of traditional Vietnamese coffee bitterness. It is important to note that this product also produces fantastic Egg coffee – If you have not tasted one, I highly recommend it.

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Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground

Price: $$27.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend

Roast: Dark

Producer: Robarica

Beans: Ground

This one here is a little bit pricey compared to other products we have listed, however, this is a great option for people who enjoy natural low acid, ice coffee, or an Espresso ground coffee – Yes you can make all of these with Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground.

It comes with a blend of the finest Robusta and Arabica – it is the main reason why you can use this specific product as a great alternative to Ivory Coast coffee flavors. Additionally, you can do it in any coffee machine or maker – starting from the espresso machine ending with a Vietnamese coffee drip filter. This provides not only a high-quality cup of coffee but also a comfortable process of coffee making.

A 16-ounce Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground costs $27.99 – this can be justified by the fact that the bag is actually pretty big. As for the taste, it is very strong but also has a smooth flavor. If you are wondering what type of coffee is the best with this product, I would recommend iced coffee with milk which is absolutely great. It is also important to note that when I tried making it in a full-size coffee maker, it lost its flavor, however, with an espresso machine, you can feel all of its features with full strength.

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Vietnamese Butter Roasted Robusta

Price: $$11.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Robusta

Roast: Medium

Producer: VN Roaster

Beans: Ground

The special thing about Vietnamese Butter Roasted Robusta is something that you can already guess from its name. Yes, this coffee is roasted in butter which creates a pretty smooth and rich finish. This one is a good option for people who do not really enjoy Arabica beans. This premium robusta coffee has a full-bodied, rich, and rounded taste with a touch of butter. There are no chemical additions to improve the flavor. Even for those who typically drink it black, it’s best with some milk and other sweeteners such as sugar.

A 12-ounce package of this coffee costs $11.99 which is pretty good for the quality that it comes with. I was pretty impressed with the packaging – I’m sure this is going to be by far the most beautiful coffee bag you have ever seen. You can’t see it well in the picture, however, It’s well-made, with a handy pull tab and resealable zip lock.

For the ones that want to buy coffee from Ivory Coast and are not able to do so (just like me), this will be one of the best alternatives that you can go for.

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Go Africa Coffee Blend

Price: $$12.55 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Arabica

Roast: Dark

Producer: Go Africa

Beans: Whole

In order to achieve the ideal mix of flavor, taste, and fragrance, Go Africa Coffee uses a unique blend of ancestral roasting processes invented by Africans about 2,000 years ago. Sounds impressive, right? This one is pretty close to Ivory Coast coffee taste as it is produced by African coffee beans. There are a number of nations in Africa that produce Robusta coffee, as well as several that grow both Robusta and Arabica.

With Go Africa Coffee Blend, I discovered that French Press is actually the best method for brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Because of the exceptional quality of this coffee, I ground the beans much finer than I normally would for a French Press. For a perfect result you need to gently pour hot water over the grinds and let it sit. The final sips of coffee bring out the chocolatey taste which is super pleasing to your mouth.

All in all, I believe that this one is pretty good for its price. Of course, you can always go for better coffee, but it will cost twice as much as this one.

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Kenya AA Peaberry Coffee

Price: $$14.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Kenya AA

Roast: Medium

Producer: Out of Africa

Beans: Whole

The last on our list is Kenya AA Peaberry coffee. This one is pretty smooth with a hint of chocolate. I would recommend making it with French Press as well as the previous one because from my experience, it produces the best flavor when done this way.

By the way, did you know that peaberry coffee makes up around 5% of the entire coffee output, making it extremely uncommon and unique? There is an incredible amount of complexity to Kenya Peaberry, and the fruit tastes such as citrus and berry. So, when purchasing this product, you simply get a tangy fragrance, along with a strongly acidic cup that has a black currant winey flavor.

Another good thing about Kenya AA Peaberry Coffee is that it is produced by Out of Africa. The brand Out of Africa belongs to Kenya Nut Company which is a prominent producer of coffee and tea in East Africa. It was established back in 1972, which makes the company pretty experienced in the field – meaning that customers can freely trust its products. Out of Africa produces roasted coffee and green coffee as well as tea, chocolates, and oils, with a focus on sustainable agriculture.

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Recommended Machines for Brewing Cote D’Ivoire Coffee Beans

We are pretty sure that you know how many different methods of brewing exist. Some people prefer brewing with machines, while some prepare their coffee without a machine, by hand. In most cases, coffee drinkers prefer to be involved in the process of brewing coffee so they have more control over the flavor and strength. Considering the fact that Ivory Coast beans are mostly Robusta, you will most likely buy an instant coffee version of it, so a pour-over is more than enough. However, we are also going to discuss making your coffee with a drip machine. So, let’s go!

Pour Over – Best Way to Make Instant Coffee

Pour over is one of the easiest ways you can make your instant coffee. So, what exactly does pour over mean? Pouring hot water through coffee grinds and then through a filter is the pour-over technique. At first, the water filters through the coffee and then either in a mug or in the carafe. Pour over is special simply for the fact that it is produced by hand-pouring the water over the coffee. As a result, it may mostly be referred to as manual brewing. Here’s the list of things you are going to need:

Once you have all of these ingredients with you, it’s time for you to start brewing:

  1. Boil the water
  2. Insert the paper filter on top of your coffee maker
  3. Add coffee into your paper filter and shake it
  4. Add water to your coffee so the grounds are covered and wait for 40 seconds
  5. Start pouring the extra hot water into the coffee (better if you move your hand in circles)
  6. Total pouring time should not exceed 3 minutes
  7. Once you are done with pouring the water you can remove the filter and enjoy your coffee.

Check Pour Overs Here

Drip – The Only Alternative

Another easy and low-budget version of brewing top-class coffee from the Ivory Coast is with an automated drip machine. In order to brew your coffee this way, follow these simple instructions listed below:

  1. Put the coffee filter in the basket of your machine
  2. Add coffee to your filter (paper or permanent). If you wish to have full-bodied, stronger coffee then I advise you to use a permanent filter.
  3. Add cold water to the reservoir
  4. Press the start button so your brewing process starts
  5. Once the brewing is over, simply pour your coffee into your favorite cup of coffee.
  6. Enjoy!

Check Drip Coffee Makers

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