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Erecta Coffee Beans – A Variety of Robusta Coffee

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  • Flavor Profile: Higher acidity and bitterness in every cup
  • Grown in: Uganda
Flavor Higher acidity and bitterness in every cup
Grown In Uganda

Erecta is a sub-variety of Robusta coffee beans – one of the only two in the world, the other one being Nganda. It is commonly grown in Uganda and has a very similar taste profile to Robusta beans. Before we discuss what Erecta coffee beans are, we should mention that Robusta coffee, also called Coffea canephora, accounts for 30% of global coffee production. Canephora is a diploid ancestor that mated with Coffea eugenioides to generate the allotetraploid Coffea arabica coffee beans. In Uganda, there are two main types of C. canephora such as Erecta and Nganda. These two kinds of Robusta are planted in combinations and easily cross each other.

In addition to being highly productive, these semi-wild varieties of coffee with varied phenotypic traits are known to be resistant to a variety of pests and coffee illnesses. C. canephora has recently suffered severe genetic erosion caused by biological, abiotic, as well as human settlement causes, resulting in decreased heterozygosity in the germplasm, which is now driven to extinction and requires urgent protection.

In this Erecta coffee beans review, we are going to further talk about the history of Erecta coffee beans. So if you want to find out more about this special coffee variety, you need to read the information down below.

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The Characteristics Of Erecta Coffee Beans

As we have already mentioned, Erecta coffee beans are one of the varieties of the Robusta coffee beans which are mostly and usually grown in one country – Uganda. In terms of the cup profile, it should be noted that Erecta coffee beans have a higher level of acidity than the other types of beans and it is bitter after each sip you drink.

While talking about the Erecta beans, the Morphological characteristics are very essential to be highlighted. First of all, the important thing is that it is a slender and tall stature plant with long and slender-shaped coffee beans and branch buds widely spaced.

The degree of insertion of the branches with the major stem is quite sharp, just 25° degrees, and the branches as well as cherries appear to point to the sky. The coffee leaves of Erecta are tall and thin. The plant ends with reddish leaves, such as Typica and certain coffee cherries, which have a crown-like shape. Another noteworthy aspect of the Erecta coffee variety is that the total nitrogen concentration is 65 percent more than that of other coffees.

The robusta plant can grow as a shrub or a small tree up to 10 m tall. Due to the obvious greater plant size, it is often planted at lower values than Arabica. In the wild, there are numerous distinct types and variations of Robusta. Crossbred strains of this coffee are sometimes difficult to distinguish, but two primary kinds are widely recognized including Erecta, or upright types, with Nganda, or spreading forms.

Best Erecta Coffee Brands To Buy Online

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