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Nganda Coffee Beans – One of Two Robusta Bean Varieties

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  • Flavor Profile: Higher acidity and bitterness in every cup
  • Grown in: Uganda
Flavor Higher acidity and bitterness in every cup
Grown In Uganda

Nganda is a sub-variety of Robusta coffee beans and it will not be a surprise to say that it has a very similar taste profile to it. This coffee is commonly grown in Uganda, which seems to have a perfect environment with enough shadow and rainfall for this variety to thrive.

Coffea Canephora, often known as Coffea Robusta, is a coffee plant best recognized for producing Robusta coffee beans. Canephora, a member of the Rubiaceae family, has a shallow root structure that allows it to grow as a tree or a shrub with a height limit of 10 meters. Robusta and Nganda beans are the two major varieties of beans produced by the plant. Because the plant’s blooms develop in an uneven manner, it might take up to 11 months for the cherries to mature. Because the Robusta plant is less vulnerable to illnesses and pests, it does not require as many pesticides and fertilizers as Arabica coffee beans.

In this Ngada coffee beans review, we are going to further talk about the history of Nganda coffee beans, so make sure to keep reading.

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The History Of Nganda Coffee Beans

Nganda coffee bushes, a Robusta type, grow naturally in the Kigimba forest at an elevation of around 3,900 feet. The type has been kept for centuries, even during the darkest moments of the nation’s recent history, and is rich in caffeine with berries that seem to have a lot of sugar when ripe—hence particularly prominent with little children, who pick them fresh off the vines. The community in Uganda has even created a pulper out of hollow tree trunks and sheet metal, following in the footsteps of their forefathers, who utilized inventive improvised techniques to safeguard their tradition and coffee production throughout tyranny and civil war.

The desirable winey brightness of a quality East African coffee is exhibited in an excellent cup of Nganda coffee. However, it is also important to note that coffee from Uganda is lower in richness, making it usually less distinct than Zimbabwe, Tanzania, or Kenya’s excellent coffees.

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