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Is Honey In Coffee Really Good?

Coffee is everyone’s favorite energy drink. There are many types of it – when you enter a cafe, you could order a latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano, Turkish coffee, and many more. Some like black coffee – bitter and strong, while others like to drink coffee with milk, sugar, caramel, chocolate, or other sweeteners.

It’s no surprise that the sweetest ingredient known to humanity would also be used to make coffee taste better. Honey is old, to say the least, it has been around for thousands of years. To be more precise, the first record of it can be found in 2000 B.C.

Therefore, later, when coffee was found and made into a liquid – a hot and delicious energizing beverage – the first thing people would think to merge it with would be honey. Coffee and honey seem like a perfect combination as one is extremely thick and sweet, and the other is bitter. Opposites attract, right?

This combination is popular today as well. Honey is what produces sugar, and most people put sugar in their coffee. If you are wondering why you should use the thick ingredient that sticks to your hands instead of the simplified version – we can explain the benefits to you easily.

The Story of Honey

A little biology lesson will not harm anyone – you know, or maybe don’t know, that honey is made by bees after collecting nectar from flowers – making it a natural and nutritious thick liquid food. Honey is stored in a beehive after it has been collected and it is later sold by the beekeepers – this is how it appears in the market. With the inclusion of about 18-19% of water and many beneficial nutrients, honey can be used as a remedy as well as a sweetener.

The first records of honey can be found in Sumerian and Babylonian writings, it can also be found in the records of ancient Egyptian history and in the writings of India. In the Old Testament Israel is known as the land of honey and milk.

Sources say that honey was used by the Romans to heal their battle wounds. In Georgian folk tales, honey was used as a punishment for the rebellious people who wanted their land back – as they were put under the sun for hours with honey covering their bodies. Honey was also used as a bathing mechanism and you can find mentions of the sticky, golden food in the scrolls of the Koran.

We can assume that before sugar honey was used to make any meal or beverage sweeter. Today, honey is still used in a lot of cakes, pies, and even food.

Types of Honey

There are several types of honey that differ in taste, color, smell, and thickness. Usually honey has a shiny golden glow, but sometimes the color could be darker, or lighter. We find the liquid in several variations that are either brewed differently or naturally come with disparity from different sources, honey can even be made without bees sometimes. Mostly the difference in honey comes from the type of flower it was made from.

The types known to us include:

You may want to drink coffee with honey, so we suggest choosing the type of honey that suits your taste with sweetness and thickness. For example, Tupelo honey is relatively sweet and has a mild flavor.

The Benefits of Honey

Honey is beneficial for multiple things, as it is incredibly nutritious and contains numerous vitamins. The sweet liquid has the ability to energize your body and help your mind function better. Contrary to popular belief, honey doesn’t consist of any fat, however, it does come with a lot of calories.

Honey can be stored on your shelf for ages and it will not go bad, so you can keep it in your storage for a very long time. Whenever you wish to cook or bake something sweet and delicious you will always have a can of honey somewhere that is still good, or even better with age, to be used as one of the more special ingredients.

Honey includes carbohydrates – which also is included in coffee – so putting honey in coffee makes it extra healthy. There is fructose, glucose, and protein in honey, which is probably why grandmas make us consume it any chance they get.

Honey has been used in a ton of medicine products, as it has several antibacterial properties and health benefits. Studies have shown that honey helps with coughs, digestive issues, and it can also give the benefits of killing a ton of bacteria. Honey contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your body, unlike sugar and other artificial sweeteners that are devoid of nutritional value.

Vitamins that can be found in honey are ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin, and riboflavin, as for the minerals that honey consists of – we offer you a list.

These are just a few of the many advantages that consuming natural honey free of toxins brings to our bodies.

Is Honey In Coffee Good For Your Health?

Caffeine on its own has a lot of benefits, for example, it has the power to prevent heart and liver diseases and even some types of cancer – like skin cancer. You already know that honey can also be used as an energizer, not to mention all of the vitamins and minerals listed above.

Honey is an amazing alternative to sugar, as it is healthier and far more nutritious. It also includes pollen, which has the ability to help you prevent allergies. It would be an exaggeration to say that a little bit of honey mixed with hot coffee will give you many health benefits, however, it is recommended in contrast to artificial sweeteners.

Coffee includes many antioxidants, as does honey. What antioxidants do is reduce the number of bacteria and the harmful cells and molecules in your body. Honey can be found in a raw condition straight from the hive – this type of honey has far more nutritious abilities and health advantages since raw honey, unlike regular honey, is unpasteurized.

How Much Honey Is Recommended In Coffee?

Honey also contains a lot of sugar, so you should pay attention to the amount of honey you put in your coffee. Too much of it can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes – so does the intake of too much coffee – therefore be cautious when it comes to the amount of the beverage and the ingredients you take with it. Honey adds quite a lot of calories to coffee, so be sure that this is what you want according to your health condition.

As usual, we would recommend you drink no more than 4 cups of coffee a day. As for the addition of honey, it’s better that you add no more than 2 spoonfuls.

How Does Honey In Coffee Taste?

While honey may be very delicious and sweet – canceling out the bitter taste of coffee, we still need to consider the fact that the combination of honey and coffee may not always be as pleasant to the tongue. We have to assume this because of the heavy and strong taste of honey.

However, we have already mentioned that honey comes in different variations and the taste is also dependent on the version you use. This, of course, applies to the usage of honey in coffee as well. Therefore, you will definitely find delicious ways of putting the two together.

As far as we know, Tupelo and Acacia honey versions are the sweetest, therefore we recommend you give them a try if sweet coffee is what you are looking for. Avocado honey – which is made from avocado flowers – also has a flowery and pretty sweet flavor. Chestnut honey is a great option if you want to drink bitter coffee with a twist.

The flavor of honey changes with the coffee you use of course. In addition to that, the flavor of coffee may be less noticeable with the stronger and bigger amounts of honey you use.

The Bottom Line

Honey is the healthiest sweetener you could use for your coffee. It will help with allergies, diseases, and many other issues regarding your body. It can be kept for a long time and is incredibly nutritious as it comes with minerals and vitamins that will definitely help with your energy, mind control, and any diseases.

Honey and coffee together can be very delicious, depending on the brand you use, as well as the flavors and the types. Most importantly it is very healthy and beneficial for your body. However, nothing should be consumed too much. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the amount of each of these liquids you take in, separately or together.

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