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Icatu Coffee Beans – The Lovechild of Arabica & Robusta Beans

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  • Flavor Profile: Low acidity but bright bitterness with maple, chocolate, and caramel flavors
  • Grown in: Brazil
Flavor Low acidity but bright bitterness with maple, chocolate, and caramel flavors
Grown In Brazil

The Icatu coffee beans are a cross-breed between Arabica and Robusta beans and are regarded as one of the tastiest coffee available today. Icatu is a cultivar created in Brazil which has a high yield and strong resistance to disease. It was bred with robusta and backcrossed to arabica cultivars to increase cup texture. It boasts 30-50 percent greater cherries than Mundo Novo, a tall tree type, as well as red and yellow fruited descendants.

Within Icatu, there are several subvarieties, the majority of which are just sub-varieties. These hybrids are the product of continuous backcrossing of arabica with robusta hybrids to arabica crops with Mundo Novo as well as Caturra and seem to be the most complex of the varieties I have examined thus far.

It is resistant to plant rust and root-knot nematodes. As a comparatively recent variety, its entire capability as a specialty coffee has yet to be realized, but its pest tolerance and victory in Brazil’s COE competition are encouraging. These coffee beans have low acidity, a moderate to full body, and a delicious dark chocolate flavor with a trace of citrus fragrance.

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The History Of Icatu Coffee Beans

When you sip a coffee prepared from Brazilian Icatu beans, you realize how unique this coffee is. Even though you are not a coffee specialist, you will realize how flavorful the drink is in whichever manner it is prepared. The astonishing fact is that this cultivar bean is still in its birth, thus its viability as a specialty coffee has yet to be recognized, but one thing is certain: it will only become better and might perhaps change the path of coffee exporting from Brazil as we know it.

In 1993, the Icatu bean was created by combining arabica as well as robusta (bourbon) beans and afterward backcrossing with a Mundo Novo. Therefore, while talking about the history of Icatu coffee beans, it should be noted that given that certain bean types have been around since the 1700s, I would assume this can be considered a very new coffee variation.

Recommended Coffees to Brew With Icatu Beans

So we thought it would be nice to talk about which coffees taste the best when made using Icatu coffee beans. While you may make whatever variety you choose, we noticed that the ones mentioned below taste very excellent. Brewing is not a difficult procedure; in fact, after you have all of the essential materials and instruments, you will only need to follow a few easy steps. Making a good-tasting cup of coffee using Arabica coffee Icatu on your own is a lot of fun, so why not give it a shot? Take a look at these ways if you want to acquire the true flavor of Icatu coffee beans. So let’s get started to find out more.

Mocha – Like Nectar

With the natural flavors that Icatu beans have, a Mocha is probably the tastiest version you can brew. Imagine adding a bit more cocoa to an already chocolatey and sweet coffee, what can possibly be better?

The mocha, like a cappuccino, has frothed milk and is frequently – but not always – topped with whipped cream. It is no surprise that people with a preference for sweet coffee choose this delicious choco-coffee drink, which is made up of one-third espresso and two-thirds steamed milk with chocolate powder added. Some imagine making Mocha hard, however, if you follow some simple steps, it should not take more than several minutes. You can check out the detailed guide below.

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Latte – Milky Sweet

A latte is usually made with 1/3 espresso, 2/3 hot milk, and a thin layer of microfoam. With this proportion, baristas may simply change the quantity of the latte whenever you ask for it, regardless of the fact that the standard size of the latte is between 10 and 12 ounces.

Lattes have the benefit of being quite adaptable. They may be easily customized with spices like mocha, caramel, vanilla, and even other flavorings, as well as different milk types. You may also use tea rather than coffee to eliminate it altogether! That’s the main reason why Icatu coffee beans are super suitable for it. All in all, the latte is a great espresso beverage for those who do not need a really powerful cup with strong flavors and aromas.

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Icatu Coffee Brands To Buy Online on Amazon

Unfortunately, there is only one brand available on Amazon at the moment, which we did try and liked a lot actually. However, we also recommend visiting our Brazil coffee page as some of the beans there are pretty close to Icatu beans in terms of taste. We can also recommend pure Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Red Bourbon. So let’s get started to talk about those coffee beans in detail and explore all about the relatively close flavor that you can find on the online store on Amazon.

Specialty Ground Icatu Coffee

Price: $14.95 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Icatu

Roast: Medium-Dark

Producer: Penalva Special Coffee

Beans: Ground

This is a USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Designated single-origin product. This coffee is made with high-quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from the Bourbon as well as Icatu varieties. It has an apricot scent and fragrance characteristics as well as blueberries, and honey flavor notes. While discussing this product, it should be highlighted that it has a creamier texture, subdued acidity, but also pleasant sweetness.

This product is a delightful surprise for me. Despite the fact that it is a moderately dark roast, it is smooth, subtle, and delicious. It should also be noted that it lacks the bitterness and smokey flavor of a medium-dark roast.

On top of that, the coffee beans smell wonderful and are quite fresh. I crush some to a moderately fine powder and use my French Press to brew it. However, you are free to go with other brewing methods in order to find out the taste that you enjoy the most.

All in all, I think it is a wonderful specialty coffee to have every now and then and is definitely worth considering.

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