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Caturra Coffee Beans: Brews, Production Regions & Facts

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$ 17-50

  • Flavor Profile: Medium to low acidity, mild bitterness, and a very cherry-like undertone
  • Grown in: Central & South America
Flavor Medium to low acidity, mild bitterness, and a very cherry-like undertone
Grown In Central & South America

Caturra is one of the most common subspecies of the famous Arabica. It is grown in almost all parts of the world with tropical climates. Moreover, each plantation produces a completely unique Caturra coffee, which differs from its brethren in shades of aroma and taste.

This plant has dozens of different varieties. However, all types of Caturra coffee have a number of things in common. These plants are small trees like large shrubs with thick trunks. Caturra has large leaves dotted with wavy veins and additionally, this variety has a fairly high yield, which makes it commercially viable to grow.

This variety is appreciated for its amazing organoleptic qualities. Caturra coffee is distinguished by its exquisite soft bouquet and taste with a pronounced sourness. In general, it is very similar to Bourbon Arabica.

When we talk about Caturra coffee it is necessary to mention several facts that are associated with the beans:

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How Caturra Coffee Beans Came to Be

Caturra is a natural Bourbon mutation found on the Brazilian plantation Minas Gerais sometime between 1915 and 1918. Due to a genetic disorder, Caturra rees are susceptible to dwarfism – they are significantly smaller than other coffee varieties. This explains the name – in one of the languages ​​of the American Indians Caturra means “small”. Another name for the variety is Nanico. According to another version, Caturra is the name of the city near which the variety was discovered.

For a long time, there has been debate among biological scientists about how this wonderful species appeared. In 1937, they nevertheless came to a compromise, as they found irrefutable evidence that Caturra is a direct descendant of the Bourbon Arabica variety. The most interesting thing is that this new type of coffee appeared naturally, without the participation of breeders. Bourbon has simply changed under the influence of the external environment. Because of Caturra’s miniature size, it can be planted more densely than other species, therefore, a more abundant crop is harvested from the plantation.

The variety was never officially introduced to the Brazilian market, but Caturra quickly spread throughout Central America. In Guatemala, it was introduced in the 1940s and became popular in the 1970s, then this coffee began to be cultivated in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama.

Today, Caturra is often used as a kind of “benchmark” against which other coffee varieties are compared.

In Colombia, until 2008, this variety accounted for more than half of the coffee production, and after 2008, the government of the country financed the development of the Caturra-related variety with good immunity to leaf rust – Castillo. These beans produce light-bodied coffee with a rather bright taste and spicy notes in the bouquet.

Where Do They Grow Caturra Coffee Beans?

Caturra coffee is usually grown in tropical regions mostly located in Central and Southern America. Caturra coffee appeared in Brazil, where it began to be massively cultivated, appreciating its unique taste. From this country, this variety spread throughout the world. And suddenly it turned out that Brazil is not at all the most ideal place for growing Caturra.

Nowadays, in many countries with tropical climates, the quality of the grains is better, and the volume of its crops is greater. The varieties from the states of Central America are especially good.

The best Caturra coffee is obtained from high-altitude plantations – from 4900 ft above sea level, and in some cases, it is grown at an altitude of 18000 feet. This variety prefers a humid climate with a lot of rainfall.

Caturra coffee takes on specific characteristics depending on the environmental conditions. That is why a drink made from beans from different plantations, even within the same country, can taste noticeably different. Caturra is a truly unique variety – Its variability allows you to reveal an invigorating drink from a new side, highlighting the finest facets of taste and aroma.

The largest producers of Caturra coffee today are:

Guatemala Costa Rica Brazil Honduras
Bolivia Ecuador Nicaragua Panama
Jamaica Colombia Puerto Rico Mexico

What Does Caturra Coffee Taste Like?

Of course, we should also talk about the taste of Caturra coffee. This type of coffee is grown in many countries of the world with tropical climates. And at the same time – the variety is distinguished by its unique taste and aroma, depending on the place where it grows. Despite the fact that the plant itself has certain subspecies, their whole “friendly family” is united by: short stature, bushes with a thick trunk, as well as large leaves with wavy veins.

Caturra is famous, first of all, for its amazing organoleptic properties: mild aroma and taste with pronounced sourness. Citrus notes can also be found in it. It comes with very slight acidity and bitterness with hints of fruits, especially cherries.

Depending on the conditions in which coffee grows, it acquires certain flavor characteristics. Therefore, a drink made from Caturra beans grown in different countries and, accordingly, climatic conditions, can have a different taste and aroma.

Caturra vs Arabica Coffee – What Are The Differences?

Caturra is a type of Arabica. When we talk about both of this coffee there are major differences. First of all the main distinction is caffeine. If in Arabica there are 12 milligrams per gram, then in Catura it is 9 milligrams of caffeine. The acidity is also different in Caturra and Arabica. The latter has a high acidity while the latter lower.

The taste of these coffees is also different. In Arabica you will find more chocolate, caramel, fruits while Caturra has a taste of cherry. There are no major differences in price and Arabica has over 30 varieties around the world.

Arabica Caturra
Caffeine 12 milligrams per gram 9 milligrams per gram
Acidity High Low
Taste Chocolate, Caramel, Fruits Cherry
Price Average $2 per ounce Average $1.46 per ounce
Varieties 30+ 0
Production Percentage 60% 1%

Recommended Coffees to Brew With Caturra Beans

Of course, not every coffee is perfect with Caturra beans. You should be extremely precise to choose the best one in order to receive the best cup with proper features. We can point out two main types of coffee when it comes to Caturra beans: Latte and Frappuccino. We will further discuss and review why they are the best for Caturra.

Latte – Reduces The Acidity of Caturra Beans

Because Caturra beans have slight acidity, the latte is a perfect choice to add more sweetness. The very name of the drink hides its main ingredient – milk. Therefore, speaking about what a latte coffee is, we can safely say that it is a cappuccino, but with peculiarities. It contains more milk, while its fat content should not be less than 3%. Depending on the recipe, you can add syrups, spices, and toppings.

You can also try Cafe con Leche to make the even best combination from Caturra coffee beans. This is an excellent choice for those who want to get a better taste and reduce acidity. It would be a good idea to use a Moka pot for brewing latte.

Learn How to Make an Amazing Latte

Frappuccino – Sweet But Still Tastes Like Coffee

One thing I don’t like about frappuccinos is when they’re way too loaded with sweet stuff. It just makes the coffee taste disappear. With Caturra beans, no matter how much sweet stuff you add, it will still retain that bitter coffee taste.

A precision brewer is nice to have for this. Although some consider making good-tasting Frappuccino hard, however, things are not as complicated as they might seem at first glance. By following our guide, you will have the possibility to master the technique after several tries.

Frappuccino Masterclass Here!

Top 3 Caturra Coffee Brands on Amazon

Caturra coffee brands are famous for their taste and popularity in the world. If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you might be looking for the best brands to purchase. That’s why we have decided to pick up the top 3 Caturra coffee brands on Amazon, that can be distinguished for their price and unique characteristics.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

You can always find reviews and testimonials from other users over the internet but as we have purchased these products and tested them by ourselves, it will be a good idea to provide comprehensive information about each of them shortly. Below you can find details about each of these brands.

Hawaii Yellow Caturra

Price: $43.99 (subject to change)

Size: 32 oz

Type: Caturra

Roast: Medium

Producer: COFFEE LLC

Beans: Whole

This is an excellent coffee and before I move to general characteristics I should first tell my story. This coffee was recommended to me by my friend. Due to the fact that it also had a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to try it out myself – The final results were actually amazing. My favorite thing about this product is the fact that it does not matter the method you will use for preparing – whether you make it using an Espresso machine or pour-over, you will get the taste of an amazing coffee that will accompany you during the whole day.

In your cup of coffee, you will be able to discover the notes of honey white bread and a hint of juicy jam. In case you are a working person, I strongly recommend you to have a look at this product. Not only will you be cheered up, but at the same time the taste that this coffee carries, will not be replaced!

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Caturra Single Origin Unroasted Beans

Price: $19.99 (subject to change)

Size: 3 pounds

Type: Caturra

Roast: Unroasted

Producer: Primos Coffee Co.

Beans: Whole

In terms of price-quality ratio, this is a very good coffee. I am a coffee lover, I grind it myself, and surprisingly I also brew it myself. In my opinion, this product is the best option for individuals that love participating in preparing a cup of coffee from the start to finish. As you receive unroasted beans, you have the ability to control the roast type and therefore, overall taste.

In most cases, coffees tend to have a chemical aftertaste which is pretty annoying. What I’m trying to say is that a good coffee with a deep taste is not so easy to find. Here I was completely satisfied with the aroma and taste. They do not conflict with cream or milk, and additionally, do not interfere with seasonings. The taste does not change, does not deteriorate, remains the same, which means that this is a very natural product.

In general, I would always advise having a piece of chocolate or cake alongside to get the most out of this product.

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Ground Organic Caturra Beans

Price: $17.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Caturra

Roast: Medium

Producer: Mesa De Los Santos

Beans: Ground

Ground Organic Caturra Beans which is produced by Mesa De Los Santos is a unique product. The cost, if you have a look is just $18 – perfectly proportional to the taste and quality that this coffee gives to all customers. The size is also decent and actually, the package was the first thing that got my attention. From what I have observed, the bag is able to keep your beans fresh for a long period of time. So if you are wondering whether this product has a long shelf life or not, the answer is yes, it has!

Whether you are working or studying or doing something else, this coffee will be a loyal friend of yours. Yes, this metaphor explains clearly the features this coffee carries and provides to all customers. The best thing about Ground Organic Caturra Beans is the fact that it lets you discover the tastes of not only 1 but 3 Colombian coffee varieties – Caturra, Bourbon, and Typica. So, in case you want to taste something unique and different, this product will definitely provide a lot to your coffee drinking experience.

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