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Harrar Coffee Beans – Single Origin Coffee From Ethiopia

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  • Flavor Profile: Balanced acidity and bitterness with slightly spicy and wine-like undertones
  • Grown in: Ethiopia
Flavor Balanced acidity and bitterness with slightly spicy and wine-like undertones
Grown In Ethiopia

Coffee is an important part of people’s lives. There are varieties that can wake up even the most sleepy and disgruntled individuals. This phrase refers specifically to Ethiopia Harrar. It seems that the coffee does not taste so strong, but it is worth taking a couple of sips, and the morning becomes truly kind and cheerful! The majority of coffee lovers describe Harrar as coming with mint notes, along with balanced acidity & bitterness.

It is difficult to say why this variety turns out to be so unusual. You can easily catch notes of hazelnut and cocoa in it. There is also something like tobacco in it, but subtle. However, the most interesting thing remains the sourness that can be felt even from the first sip. All in all, Ethiopian Harrar coffee is considered one of the best Ethiopian Arabica varieties. Outwardly, the grains do not look very attractive, but they have a magnificent bouquet that combines balanced wine acidity and classic soft and rich chocolate taste. We will talk more about this variety and why it enjoys a lot of popularity among coffee lovers.

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The History Of Harrar Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is sometimes considered as a homeland of coffee and the region of Harrar is closely associated with this claim. Even in the 16th century, Harrar was known for its coffee and in the 1800s became a major center for trading goods. It is also believed that the traces of coffee beans were initially discovered in the 10th century by Arabian immigrants and since then gained a foothold in the country.

Because of the geographical features that the coffee beans are grown in, Harrar carries an extremely good taste. Harrar coffee beans are grown at high altitudes, somewhere between 3,900 and 7,200 feet. There is also enough shadow and rainfall blessing the country’s nature, so the plants are able to thrive and taste much better.

How Harrar Coffee Beans Are Grown & Processed

The Harrar region in Ethiopia has a special status. Coffee beans are immediately exported from here. The bags are sent to the port straight from the coffee plantations. Interestingly, growers from the Harrar region itself clearly define in which part of the region the trees grew. In the eastern region, it is possible to harvest grains with a slight golden hue. In the west, only traditional green grains can be found. The main feature of all the coffee that grows in this region is forest plantations.

At first glance, it may seem that Ethiopia Harar coffee beans look awful: uneven, with cracks and pits. In fact, this is a natural feature of the variety that is grown wild – dense forests serve as a barrier for trees. Under the cover of foliage, coffee beans ripen slowly, absorbing aromas, gaining better taste and power.

The Harrar region has a special microclimate. It is rather dry here throughout the year, and therefore the grains grow small. They are dried on the so-called African beds – long panels are stretched between the pegs, and the coffee crop is poured onto them. The grains are mixed several times a day. Harrar, like many other well-known African varieties, is grown primarily by smallholder farmers.

Top 5 Harrar Coffee Brands on Amazon

We have thoroughly researched Harrar coffee products over the internet and have compiled a list of the top 5 Harrar coffee brands on Amazon. Ethiopia is one of the best places in terms of coffee and its production. It might be even better to purchase Harrar coffee directly from the country, but as there are additional costs associated with transporting, you can always visit Amazon and discover the best options for you.

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How We Rated Them

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Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

As there are numerous overviews over the internet regarding each coffee brand, you can always visit various forums and check testimonials. However, as we have already purchased these products ourselves it would be better to check individual overviews of our top choices, where we will be stating all the important features about each of them.

Volcanica Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Price: $18.99 (subject to change) Volcanica Ethiopian Harrar Coffee
Size: 16 oz
Type: Harrar
Roast: Medium
Producer: Volcanica
Beans: Whole

Volcanica Ethiopian Harrar coffee, depending on the point of collection, can taste different. However, the richness and density of the taste, combined with the sharpness and sweetness, make it recognizable and desirable for the majority of coffee lovers. This is a perfect option for anyone who enjoys something sweet, as these Harrar beans are considered one of the sweetest in the world! The sweetness is almost impossible not to notice and additionally, drinking this coffee with sugar is simply sinful.

To preserve the richness of taste, unique bouquet, and aroma of the coffee, Ethiopian varieties are almost never sent for dark roasting. That’s the main reason why this product comes as medium-roasted.

I believe that with this product, you will be able to taste real Ethiopian Harrar coffee. Once you do that, it will be impossible for you to resist and not buy it again.

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Revocup Ethiopian Harrar

Price: $16.99 (subject to change) Revocup Ethiopian Harrar
Size: 12 oz
Type: Harrar
Roast: Medium
Producer: Revocup
Beans: Whole

Ethiopia Harrar coffee grains of this coffee are both elongated and round, rather than small. Many people think that the larger the coffee bean, the better the coffee, but Ethiopia Harrar coffee just proves the opposite: the grain size does not determine the quality of the brewed coffee, but on the contrary, speaks of the belonging of this variety to the great breed of ancient African coffee varieties. It is important to understand that coffee in this region is still grown in ecologically clean areas without the use of chemical fertilizers, and processing is often done by hand, which guarantees a high-quality selected crop with every delivery.

Ethiopia’s Harrar coffee has a rich taste with a nutty chocolate hue. The drink gives a rich flavor with a slight bitterness, which smoothly manifests itself in the aftertaste. Even in one sip of this coffee, you can feel all of its fullness at once. What I like the most about this product is the fact that it comes with reasonable pricing – A 12-ounce package costs $16.99 and for the quality you get, it is definitely worth investing in.

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Adems Ethiopian Green Highland Harrar

Price: $23.99 (subject to change) Adems Ethiopian Green Highland Harrar
Size: 34 ounces
Type: Harrar
Roast: Unroasted
Producer: Adems
Beans: Whole

The next on our list is Adems Ethiopian Green Highland Harrar. This product most likely would be suitable for people that enjoy purchasing unroasted beans and then preparing it entirely by themselves starting with roasting, and ending with brewing. From what I have seen, I can say that the packaging of Ethiopia Harrar is excellent – It does not only look good but additionally, keeps beans fresh for quite a long time. I assume that this type of coffee is produced only in the professional series, for cafes and restaurants. Therefore, the pack is completely nondescript, but of high quality and durable. Made of dense foil-clad material that reliably protects coffee beans for as much as 1.5 years of shelf life.

In your cup of coffee, you will definitely be able to feel acidity which is smoothly turning into sweetness – that’s what attracts me so much about the varieties from Ethiopia!

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Unroasted Ethiopian Harrar

Price: $39.70 (subject to change) Unroasted Ethiopian Harrar
Size: 5 pounds
Type: Harrar
Roast: Unroasted
Producer: Smokin Beans
Beans: Whole

Unroasted Ethiopian Harrar is a sweet coffee product with no added sugar. And this sweetness is clearly felt by all possible receptors, while beautifully complemented by a delicate chocolate-nut bitter astringency. The coffee is very dense, rich and leaves a long-lasting pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

What I like the most about this one is the fact that it is suitable for any brewing method. My personal favorite is French Press, however, you can definitely go for other techniques and find the one that suits your preferences the best.

The main thing with this product is to keep yourself in control and not drink more than 2-3 cups a day as the taste is really pleasant and unforgettable. Coffee beans come in a big size, so make sure you will be able to consume them – if not, then it might be a good idea to go for other options.

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Coffee Masters Mocha, Java & Harrar Blend

Price: $29.84 (subject to change) Coffee Masters Mocha, Java & Harrar Blend
Size: 48 oz
Type: Harrar
Roast: Medium
Producer: Coffee Masters
Beans: Whole

Intense but delicate taste with spicy fruity and spicy notes – that’s how I would describe this Mocha, Java, and Harrar blend. The best thing about it is that you will be able to taste not one, but 3 different coffee varieties, which sounds pretty exciting. It has an aroma with well-discernible notes of apricot and peach. The aftertaste is long, with subtle sweetish hints of ripe apricot. Ethiopia Harrar that this product consists of is one of the most popular varieties in the world, characterized by a complex rich taste and aftertaste with a hint of fresh peach.

The price of Coffee Masters’ product is pretty competitive. It comes with a big packaging and for a 48-ounce bag, you will have to pay $29.84. In case you want to get the closest taste to Harrar beans, then this one is definitely worth considering.

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