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What is Green Coffee and How Do You Make It?

Light greenish beans, called green coffee, are directly related to the popular drink. These are the beans of an ordinary coffee tree, not roasted. However, green coffee cannot be called a common product. Too unusual taste and lack of information on practical application make the product exotic and not very popular.

The cooking method is simple. Here is a guide on how to prepare this coffee at home:

  1. Use a conventional coffee grinder to grind the beans not very finely.
  2. You will need a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee for a cup of drink.
  3. The drink is brewed in an ordinary device.
  4. A special feature of the preparation is the need to boil the coffee for a couple of minutes. This can be achieved by periodically removing the device and placing it on the hotplate after a few seconds.
  5. The finished drink is filtered and drunk half an hour before eating.

Coffee is not an exotic product that suddenly appears on store shelves. It has been known and studied for a long time. Its properties determine universal love. Now we can not only enjoy it as a morning tonic drink, but also receive health benefits, regulate weight, and lose weight.

Does Green Coffee Help With Weight-loss?

When we talk about green coffee the most important thing is that it is frequently associated with weight loss.

Although the research papers that have come out about green coffee being helpful for weight loss, it’s still inconclusive. Yes, green coffee beans provide chlorogenic acid which helps with promoting better blood sugar and helps with digestion, but there are other much better, tastier, and healthier methods to boost these effects.

Green coffee may indeed help you with losing weight, but it’s best to simply stick to a healthy diet, exercise frequently, and watch your calories. It’s not a magic potion or anything.

What Does Green Coffee Taste Like?

In 2012, American scientists found that green coffee has a fat-burning effect. The main active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which affects carbohydrate metabolism. In addition to chlorogenic and other acids, green coffee contains many minerals, protein, and tannins. Green coffee beans have a sour taste, are slightly astringent, and even grassy.

You can also roast green coffee yourself, as the people of Brazil do. In this case, you control the processing time and through experimentation, you can get the perfect taste for yourself.

What Beans are Recommended for Green Coffee?

The difference in green coffee beans is very small regardless of where they come from. What we do know is that it’s recommended to drink unroasted Arabica beans more than Robusta beans.

Brazil is considered the main country of production. Most of the plantations of coffee trees of various varieties are concentrated there. Also popular are Mexican, Chilean, African, South American, Colombian, and Indian coffees. Ripe berries are picked and peeled. The resulting grains of light green color is the desired product.

However, what I’d recommend is to check out the following countries for the best green coffee beans.

Ecuador Coffee Beans Venezuelan Coffee Beans Brazilian Coffee Beans Hawaii Coffee Beans

Best Types of Beans for Green Coffee

Now that we’ve taken a look at the countries, let’s take a look at the species of beans that can yield better results. Arabica Bourbon is one of the first, most famous, and widespread varieties of coffee beans. These are compact, but rather tall bushes with green leaves, medium-sized fruits.

Yirgacheffe’s taste combines sweet floral notes that have made it popular all over the world and medium-intensity lemon sourness. Add hints of bergamot to this and you get the idea of ​​this unforgettable coffee. There are other types of green coffees that you can use:

Bourbon Beans Yirgacheffe Beans Typica Beans Liberica Beans

Top 3 Green Coffee Beans on Amazon

You might be wondering where to purchase the best green coffee beans and we have made the task easier for you. On Amazon, you can have a look at the top 3 green coffee beans that are known for their taste and amazing characteristics.

Product 1


Product 2


Product 3


How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

It is always possible to find individual reviews by users on the Internet about different coffee but we have made everything simpler. Below you can find short overviews about green coffee that we have found on Amazon. Read more about them and make your own choice.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Unroasted

Price: $36.70 (subject to change)
Size: 5 pounds
Type: Arabica
Roast: Unroasted
Producer: Smokin Beans
Beans: Whole

The main reason why I have decided to purchase this product was simply the one that many people do – to taste something extraordinary and at the same time assist my loss of weight. I should admit that this product did not disappoint my expectations and I was left surprisingly astonished.

A very cool aftertaste, a classic coffee bitterness reveals itself, so pleasant that you don’t want to spoil this coffee with anything at all. I drink it without cream and without any cookies. I am incredibly glad to have discovered such a great product. The delivery is super fast and it is very well-packaged. I would say that this is one of the best combinations of price and quality that I have seen in a long time. Does not matter whether you are at work, studying, or hanging out with close associates, I would definitely recommend this coffee to anyone. However, do not think that the main quality of this coffee is to aid your weight loss. It is better to look at this one as something that tastes super extraordinary and can enrich your coffee-drinking experience.

Check Price on Amazon

Colombian Supremo Unroasted

Price: $64.70 (subject to change)
Size: 12.5 pounds
Type: Arabica
Roast: Unroasted
Producer: Smokin Beans
Beans: Whole

The next on our list is Colombian Supremo Unroasted which is a natural product that helps in losing weight, gives energy, and is harmless to the body. This South American coffee is grown at high altitudes and delivers a nice roast along with a fantastic aroma. I was quite surprised when I saw that almost all reviews for this product were positive, however, I can definitely agree with all of them after tasting these beans by myself.

I believe that this is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a new taste. And when I am saying new taste I mean that green coffee is extremely different from its counterparts. I would strongly advise any person to try out Colombian Supremo Unroasted and the price is also proportional to its quality. $64.70 might look a little expensive at the beginning, however, the price can be justified with a size of bag – You can use this for a long period of time without worrying about its freshness.

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Tanzanian Peaberry Unroasted

Price: $38.95 (subject to change)
Size: 5 pounds
Type: Arabica
Roast: Unroasted
Producer: COFFEE LLC
Beans: Whole

With its perfect quality, Tanzania Peaberry Unroasted green coffee completely lived up to my expectations. When I first decided to purchase this product, a bit of advice from a friend of mine played a massive role. He bought this product first and then told me to try out this one. I must admit that this coffee literally exceeded my expectations. It is really good for blood, the brain, and the whole body. Tanzanian Peaberry Unroasted is a perfect option for individuals who are looking for extraordinary taste and something fresh.

If you are working hard and after a tiresome day you want to experience your best feelings I would definitely advise this product. In your cup of coffee, you can immediately discover bright acidity and wine-like flavors – it is important to note that these qualities can kinda get lost if you go for a dark roast. That’s why it might be a better idea to experiment with roasting so you are able to find the taste that suits your preferences the best.

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