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Liberica Coffee Beans: Brews, Production Regions & Facts

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Native to western and central African countries like Liberia, Uganda, and Angola, Liberica is truly a one-of-a-kind coffee. It is harvested in numerous countries globally, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and many others.

Liberica coffee beans used to be very limited once, but because of their distinct taste and characteristics, many countries have started harvesting these coffee beans. Because of this, you can easily find Liberica coffee for sale on Amazon.

The popularity of Liberica coffee beans has increased further over the past few decades. In fact, as of today, almost 2 percent of the world’s coffee is Liberica. It initially originated in Liberia and the plant is known for producing larger and irregular-shaped beans when compared to Arabica plants.

Because of the distinct taste and floral and fruity aroma, it is very frequently used in blends to give coffee more dimension and a new taste. On its own, it has a full-bodied and woody taste, unlike any coffee you can get.

Apart from different tastes, Liberica is also known for its high resistance to pests and diseases that affect other coffee plants. It is very easily adaptable to different types of climates and can grow at lower altitudes.

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The History of Liberica Coffee – Where Did it Come From?

Growing up to 9 meters in height, Liberica plants are native to western and central African countries, specifically Liberia. Unlike other coffee plants, it grows really large, and the fruit that it produces is larger as well, especially when compared to Arabica.

Although the home of this coffee is in Africa, it has quickly become harvested in numerous countries around the world. Coffee was introduced to Indonesia and other Asian countries around the 19th century. The main reason for the growing popularity of Liberica in these countries was the tragic coffee rust epidemic that wiped out nearly 90 percent of the world’s arabica bean supply. As a result of the devastating pandemic, Liberica replaced almost all the arabica plants that were lost during these times.

While other coffee plants were heavily affected, Liberica managed to survive the challenges faced by Arabica and other coffee plants. The main reason for this was higher tolerance towards pests and diseases, which made these coffee beans very popular in numerous countries.

The history of this coffee starts in Liberia, and the name of the beans is derived from here as well. Also called Liberian coffee, the Liberica coffee characteristics, primarily the resistance towards diseases, had made this coffee a new hope for people who heavily relied on coffee in Asian countries.

One of the things that further supported the popularity of this coffee in the Asian culture was the fact that Liberica can easily adapt to numerous weather conditions. It can be cultivated in hot temperatures, as well as on lower altitudes, which makes its cultivation a very easy process.

Liberica coffee beans truly have a huge historical and cultural significance. They were introduced during the hardest times for coffee makers, which is one of the reasons why Liberica coffee is so popular around the world.

Where is Liberica Coffee Grown?

Although Liberica coffee originated from African countries such as Liberia, it has quickly become very popular around the world. As of now, it is grown in numerous countries and regions of the world.

As already mentioned, the Liberica plant is very easily adaptable to different types of climates, but the best conditions for this coffee are tropical regions. Much like many other types of coffee, Liberica is also usually harvested in tropical parts of the world.

While there are many countries that are cultivating Liberica coffee beans, the leaders in Liberica production are countries like Liberia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Liberica became a huge part of the Asian coffee market after the 19th century when much of the Arabica coffee was destroyed in the region.

Liberica is one of the most popular coffee beans around the world, but it is not as heavily and widely grown as Arabica or Robusta coffee plants. That said, the production of this coffee is increasing a lot in numerous countries mainly because of the increasing demand. When you order Liberica coffee online, you will most probably be informed about the origins of your coffee beans.

You can check out individual information on countries that produce Liberica coffee from the list below:

Indonesian Coffee Filipino Coffee Malaysian Coffee Liberian Coffee

What Varieties of Liberica Coffee Beans are There?

There are not so many varieties of Liberica coffee beans. But, one that is very popular is Kapeng Barako. Also known as Barako coffee, this variety is mostly grown in the Philippines and represents a special tile of Liberica beans.

Not all Barako coffees are the same, however, as the name is used to describe all the coffee coming from the Batangas and Cavite provinces of the Philippines. Barako is known for having a very strong flavor and is very different from any other coffee beans.

Barako trees are known to be the largest commercially cultivated coffee trees, which makes cultivating this coffee a bit more difficult than the others. Although very tasteful and different, these types of coffee plants are considered endangered because of low production and demand.

Although not very common, you can still buy Liberica coffee beans of this variety on Amazon. All in all, there are not so many varieties of Liberica, especially compared to Arabica coffee. Kapeng Barako is one that stands out the most, but even this one is not as popular as different varieties of Arabica.

What Does Liberica Coffee Taste Like?

There are many coffee beans described to taste like chocolate, but one that is closest to the taste of real dark chocolate or cocoa is Liberica. While tasting Liberica coffee beans, I noticed very pleasant hints of nutty and earthy flavors, which I enjoyed a lot.

The flavor profile of this coffee is truly unique and unlike anything else, I have tasted. The taste is very smoky, nutty, as well as floral and spicy at the same time. The chocolate aroma and taste of Liberica is a truly unique factor that makes it totally different from anything else.

Because of the smoky and woody flavor of the coffee, it is almost similar to the taste of tobacco. But, it is not like anything else I have tasted. It is a fully balanced, naturally sweet, and rich coffee that takes the coffee drinking experience to a new level.

What Brews are Best to Make With Liberica Beans?

While brews are a lot better made with Arabica beans, there are still many brews that you can make with Liberica coffee beans. One of the biggest Liberica coffee benefits is that because of its rich taste, it can be turned into numerous different types of brews and the final product should be really good.

There are numerous ways you can brew your Liberica coffee beans. I tried making it several different ways so you won’t have to. Below, I will discuss the best brews made with Liberica coffee beans that I enjoyed the most while trying Liberica coffee.

Macchiato – The Best Way to Brew Liberica Coffee Beans

Because Liberica coffee already has a very strong and chocolatey flavor, it can be a perfect option for making your favorite Machiatto coffee. Some might say that adding additional chocolate to an already rich and chocolatey flavor is not going to be a perfect plan, but they can be proven wrong with just one cup of Macchiato made with Liberica coffee beans.

Macchiato made with Liberica coffee beans was one of the best Macchiatos that I have ever tasted. Adding actual chocolate to this drink makes it feel like someone just dropped a whole bar of chocolate in your coffee, which makes Liberica Macchiato a very rich and tasteful drink.

The additional chocolate makes Macchiato made with Liberica a perfect beverage. And no, you won’t be overdoing it with the chocolate, the aroma and taste of coffee still remain very strong in this drink even after so much sweetness.

For the best outcome, I would recommend using an Espresso machine as it will save you time, and the final product will have an actual, strong coffee taste as well.

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Cappuccino – Chocolate Milk Coffee?

Who does not love a good cappuccino? Making it with some milk and cocoa on a rainy morning is a perfect way to start your day. I consider it to be a comfort drink that you should reward yourself with before getting started with your day.

You can order Liberica coffee beans right now on Amazon and prepare a rich and flavorful cappuccino with these amazing beans. Cappuccino is a famous coffee drink just one chocolate bar away from a macchiato, but with Liberica beans, it becomes a drink of its own which is absolutely delicious.

The natural sweetness and chocolate-like taste of Liberica coffee beans work perfectly for a Cappuccino drink. The sweetness of Liberica paired with its perfect smoky taste will make your cappuccino truly a great morning drink. I have tried cappuccinos made with numerous coffee beans, but Liberica cappuccino is something of its own.

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Ristretto – The Most Pleasant Espresso Ever

Because of the distinct taste of Liberica beans and their natural sweetness, the Ristretto made with these beans turns out really good. These amazing beans turn Ristretto into a punch of bitterness and acidity into something naturally sweet and enjoyable for your early morning drinks.

Starting out your day with Ristretto made with Liberica beans turns out truly perfect. The end result is the most pleasant espresso that you will ever have. The taste of Ristretto is very strong and one made with these beans is a truly amazing drink. It is very pleasant and energizing that will give you the energy we all need early mornings.

This drink can be made very easily and due to its sweeter and bolder flavor, it is a great substitute if you do not like the harsh taste of Espresso.

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Top 4 Liberica Coffee Brands on Amazon

If you decide to buy Liberica coffee beans, you might find it a bit hard to discover the best options. While they have become very popular over the years, there still are not that many Liberica coffee beans available on Amazon, especially when compared to other types of coffees, such as Arabica, for example.

Although limited, there are some amazing Liberica coffee brands that you can find on Amazon. Check out our list below and see the best brands producing Liberica coffee that you can buy on Amazon right now.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

Tasting and rating all the Liberica coffee beans that I found interesting on Amazon were not easy. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but the ones on my list are all worth trying out.

Below, I will review and rate them one by one to help you find the best option. So, let’s continue with this Liberica coffee review and find the most suitable for you.

Aik Cheong Kopi-O Bags

Price: $$8.98 (subject to change)

Size: 7 ounces

Type: Liberica

Roast: Medium

Producer: Aik Cheong

Beans: Ground

Selling for only $8.98, this 7 ounces of Liberica coffee really surprised me with its distinct and true-to-description taste. This medium roasted and ground coffee is the perfect choice for those who want to start out their mornings quickly with a tasteful, rich cup of coffee.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this coffee is how simple it is to make. It should not take you more than a few minutes to have a well-balanced coffee. And if you are someone who just wants to have a quick cup of coffee in the morning and go on with your day, this is probably one of the best options that you have.

Kopi is a famous traditional coffee from Malaysia and Singapore and is usually served with milk and sugar. These Kopi-O bags from Aik Cheong only need hot water and are ready to be served.

Check Price on Amazon

Philippine Liberica Whole Bean

Price: $$13.95 (subject to change)

Size: 8 oz

Type: Liberica

Roast: Medium

Producer: Len’s Coffee

Beans: Whole

Personally, I always prefer to get whole beans and ground them on my own. This way, coffee has a fresh taste and generally, a better aroma. The whole coffee beans by Len’s Coffee was one of the best Liberica coffee beans that I found on Amazon.

Selling for only $13.95, this 8 oz of the whole, medium-roasted coffee beans was an amazing choice. The coffee ended up tasting amazing and I had better control over the size of the grind, which is always a huge advantage.

If you have never tasted Liberica coffee before, these beans are a great way to get to know the amazing taste this coffee truly has. Quickly after opening the pack, the whole kitchen was full of smoky smell and earthy aroma, which is something that creates a whole different atmosphere while making this beverage.

Check Price on Amazon

Liberica Green Unroasted Beans

Price: $$21.95 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Liberica

Roast: Unroasted

Producer: Heirloom Coffee LLC

Beans: Whole

Other whole beans of Liberica on Amazon were from Heirloom Coffee LLC, and it is quite an interesting choice. This coffee, selling at $21.95 is totally unroasted. If you are a fan of green coffee, you can get green Liberica coffee beans from Amazon in no time.

These coffee beans are one of the rarest that you can get on amazon. Known as Barako coffee, it truly stands out from the rest due to its taste and aroma. With an amazing caramel flavor, coffee made from these beans tastes amazing.

Roasting and grinding coffee on your own is something that every coffee lover should experience at least once in their life. This way, you can control everything about your coffee perfectly. I made several recipes with this coffee and all of them turned out amazing. My favorite was a homemade Kahlua. I roasted the coffees really well in order to get a strong and bitter coffee taste.

Check Price on Amazon

Artisans Philippine Coffee

Price: $$20.00 (subject to change)

Size: 17 oz

Type: Liberica

Roast: Medium

Producer: Artisans

Beans: Whole

The highest grade coffee that you can get from Amazon is Artisans Philippine coffee. For the amazing quality that you are getting, the coffee is really cheap. It only costs $20 and you get 17 oz of coffee beans for this price.

The whole beans come in medium roast and can be perfect for many different coffee recipes. The coffee is made by small-scale farmers in tropical lowland forest areas of the Philippines, making it a truly unique option.

I was very impressed with the taste of these beans and I totally recommend them to everyone who wants to taste the actual flavor of Liberica coffee beans. It is very rare to find something like this product as it is 100 percent Liberica coffee beans, and each of them is very carefully treated before being delivered to you.

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