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Best Coffee Beans in Cambodia – What To Buy & How To Brew

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$ 0.8 - $1.64 per ounce

  • How to serve: Served as very dark and bitter coffee
  • flavor: Mild acidity but high bitterness, nutty and fruity notes
Varieties Arabica, Robusta
How to Serve Served as very dark and bitter coffee
Flavor Mild acidity but high bitterness, nutty and fruity notes
Recommended Machine Espresso Machine, Moka Pot, Drip
Good As Espresso, Lungo, Ristretto, Macchiato
Price Range $0.8 – $1.64 per ounce
Caffeine Level 0.4% on average

Have you ever heard about coffee from Cambodia? Well, if not, then this guide was specially written for you! Generally, each region has its own coffee history, which is reflected in the product. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the history of the beverage in Cambodia. It has been observed that the French brought it to the nation about the same time as it was introduced to Vietnam and Laos.

There are two usable types of coffee in Cambodia – Arabica, and Robusta. Robusta grows at an altitude of 1900 to 4200 ft, and Arabica from 2900 to 6500 ft and above. The coffee grown in Cambodia is mostly Robusta beans, and while the stories of Arabica coffee growing are numerous, the elevation in Cambodia very rarely exceeds 800 meters, making it difficult to grow any Arabica coffee except hybrids. Such hybrid varieties include Liberica and Catimor.

In this review, we will further talk about Cambodia coffee alternatives, the best-growing regions, and recommended machines for you to brew your beans. So, make sure to stay tuned.

Cambodian Coffee Growing Regions – Are There Many?

The country’s coffee production is in decline, and over the past 10 years, the number of plantations has decreased by at least 70%. The exact production volumes are unknown since most of the unprocessed grains are immediately bought up by Vietnamese intermediaries and the crop appears on the market under Vietnamese brands. Cambodian coffee does not have its own sales market, except for the domestic one, quality control is poorly established, and the infrastructure is not developed.

The best Cambodian coffees come from the highlands of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri. The fertile soil of these regions is suitable for cultivating not only coffee trees but also rubber, tropical fruits, black pepper, cashews, and other plants.

The beans are processed using the traditional dry method, but Cambodian farmers leave coffee cherries in the sun longer than their counterparts. Then the coffee is roasted in vegetable or animal fat almost black and ground into the finest coffee powder.

Top Alternatives to Cambodian Coffee Beans

While it may be difficult to discover the best Cambodian coffee beans on Amazon, you can always look for a replacement. Here we have assembled a list of the best coffee beans from various countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. They have a nice flavor and are affordable. We will have a look at them below.

Vietnamese Coffee Indonesian Coffee Thai Coffee Taiwan Coffee

Top 5 Cambodian Coffee Brands To Buy On Amazon

In case you are looking for Cambodian coffee brands, then stick to this part of the article. I mostly buy my coffee from Amazon and recommend the same to you as the overall process is pretty comfortable. Below you can see all the best brands of Cambodian coffee we could find and try out, but note that some of the products are either a blend or straight up from a different country due to scarcity of options. They are excellent both to have at work or home.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

How should you know which product suits your interests the best? In order to make the right decision, you need to have all the necessary information. That’s why we decided to do individual overviews of our top choices – that way, you can find out whether a specific product is worth your time, money, and attention.

Cambodian Cardamom Coffee

Price: $$7.50 (subject to change)

Size: 4.5 ounces

Type: Arabica

Roast: Dark

Producer: Senteurs D’Angkor

Beans: Ground

The first on our list is real Cambodian ground coffee with a memorable taste and aroma. The coffee is grown by a family of hereditary farmers. Thanks to the processing method that preserves the natural sweetness of the shell of the coffee berry, the drink acquires a sweet tint. A special way of roasting in coconut oil allows you to emphasize the rich flavor bouquet with notes of chocolate, coconut, nuts, and vanilla. Additionally, the coffee does not contain any sugar, which is definitely good news for some.

From what I have seen, this product tastes bad when prepared with French Press. You are free to experiment and try other techniques as well, however, keep in mind that It is not recommended to prepare this coffee in carobs and automatic coffee machines. I also need to mention the fact that the packaging of Cambodian Cardamom coffee is pretty weird. For that reason, you need to make sure that you keep it in a dry and cool place, so the coffee will stay fresh for a long time.

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Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground

Price: $$27.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend

Roast: Dark

Producer: Robarica

Beans: Ground

The main reason why I liked this coffee is that Its taste is very different from others. The coffee itself grows at a very high altitude, bringing you both – Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. In your cup, you will also discover the notes of chocolate that creates the overall drinking experience much more enjoyable.

I will say right away that this coffee is really very, very tasty. Considering the price which is pretty affordable and let’s say, cheap – I did not expect the taste to be so strong. I also have to mention the fact that this coffee got me really energized and kept me awake throughout the day. Some might even compare this one to Mocha flavor due to the fact it has some cocoa added into the blend. This one is an especially good choice for people that love their coffee cold – I would also recommend adding sweetened condensed milk and after that, the final results will definitely amaze you.

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Ipoh White Coffee

Price: $$24.69 (subject to change)

Size: 36 oz

Type: Arabica & Robusta Blend

Roast: Medium

Producer: Coffee Round The World

Beans: Instant

Ipoh “white” coffee is a coffee drink that is produced in the city of Ipoh (Malaysia). This coffee is close to the Cambodian one in terms of taste and unique features. It will definitely catch the attention of those that love preparing their coffee in an easy and comfortable manner. All you need is your cup, hot water, and coffee. That’s all!

My favorite thing about this coffee was that it made me feel energized. If you are tired at work and want to taste something new, then this coffee is a perfect choice. Furthermore, the price is reasonable – For a 36-ounce package, you will have to pay $24.69 which is a pretty good price considering the high-quality you get.

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Vietnamese Butter Roasted Robusta

Price: $$11.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Robusta

Roast: Medium

Producer: VN Roaster

Beans: Ground

Vietnamese butter-roasted Robusta is a coffee that has a milder taste and subtle aroma. The first thing I need to mention about this product is its packaging. It may not be noticeable from pictures, however, the bag is more than high-quality! It’s by far the most beautiful coffee bag I have ever seen. This Vietnamese Robusta is definitely s well-made product, with a handy pull tab and resealable zip lock.

So, if you decide to purchase this product (at a pretty affordable price), you might need to know how to prepare your cup in the best way. I would recommend preparing it with condensed milk. This is something that creates a unique experience. With this combination, you will immediately notice that no other coffee tastes like this. For a 12-ounce package, you will have to pay $11.99. For that price, I would say that this is the best product, especially if you want something close to Cambodia coffee beans.

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Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground

Price: $$27.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend

Roast: Dark

Producer: Robarica

Beans: Ground

We are happy to finish our list with Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground which can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Whether you are an espresso, low acid, or delicious ice coffee lover – this coffee will not be able to disappoint you. This is a blend of Arabica and Robusta – definitely a perfect choice for ones that love strong coffee. Another thing I like about this coffee is that it can be brewed using any technique – You can use an Espresso machine, Vietnamese filter, or something else. The choice is all yours.

Once you start brewing, you will immediately notice how delicious this coffee actually smells. I tried adding sugar, however, the taste did not suit my preferences as I don’t enjoy my coffee sweet. For a 16-ounce package, you will have to pay $27.99. It might look a little pricey at first but I believe that this product is worth every cent you invest in it.

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How To Brew Coffee Cambodian Style

Traditional Cambodian coffee is very strong, with a generous portion of condensed milk. It is made from a mixture of Robusta with other cereals, and the proportion of real coffee can sometimes be minimal. It is very easy to distinguish such a fake: if you pour boiling water over real ground coffee, it will settle at the bottom, and the “blend” of soybeans and chicory will emerge, separating into clearly distinguishable layers.

In their homes, Cambodians often use a “dripping filter” that allows you to get the most concentrated taste, while on the streets they simply pour boiling water into linen bags of ground coffee (like teabags). Respectable coffee houses in the country serve European variations: espresso, cappuccino, latte. There you can also buy traditional western “snacks” for coffee – croissants, cakes, desserts.

Until recently, Cambodia was among the poorest Asian countries, but now, thanks to economic growth and Chinese investment, the position of the middle class has improved, and interest in the coffee culture has grown.

Recommended Machines for Brewing Cambodian Coffee Beans

Did you know that not every machine is suitable for brewing Cambodian coffee beans? Therefore we have decided to provide you with a list of the best devices that can guarantee the best results. Below you will find the list of machines that will help you make the best coffee with Cambodian coffee beans.

Espresso Machine – Best For Dark Roast Beans

An espresso machine is one of the best ways to brew Cambodian coffee beans. It is actually the most convenient option for dark roast beans. You can purchase it almost anywhere. There are many types of espresso machines but every one of them serves the same purpose – to help customers prepare the coffee effectively and taste an amazing product. Now the Espresso machines are being modernized and more and more new and modern models are being produced. Currently, automatic espresso machines are in great demand among coffee lovers all over the world.

Best Espresso Coffee Makers

Moka Pot – Most Effective Alternative

The principle of operation of the Moka pot is based on steam pressure. The body consists of two parts, which are tightly screwed together: Water is poured into the lower part, based on the capacity of the coffee pot.

A wide range of grindings is allowed with this technique, except for the finest and coarsest grades. It is by grinding that you regulate the strength of the coffee! Water, boiling in the lower part, turns into steam, the steam begins to squeeze the rest of the water upward, it passes through the coffee, absorbing the aroma and taste, and enters through the pipe into the upper container. Pretty simple.

Check out Moka Pot Reviews

Pour Over – Cheapest Way to Brew

The pour-over coffee machine is the cheapest way to brew your favorite Cambodian coffee beans. It is a device that compared to the above-mentioned ones helps you to get the desired product. In addition, pour-over coffee makers are easy to use and you do not need to spend a lot of time making coffee. To give you a better idea about the process, let’s take a closer look at it. You need to start by boiling water. Meanwhile, it is the best idea to start grinding your beans – once that is done, insert your paper filter into the brewer, add coffee into it and start pouring hot water – Just enough to cover it. Wait for 30-40 seconds and then continue pouring water in a circular motion, slowly. Once all the water and coffee are drained from the filter, your coffee is ready to be poured and enjoyed!

Pour-Over Machines

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