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Jember Coffee Beans – What Is This Coffee Variety?

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  • Flavor Profile: Low acidity with hints of berries and caramel. Balanced bitterness
  • Grown in: Indonesia
Flavor Low acidity with hints of berries and caramel. Balanced bitterness
Grown In Indonesia

Jember coffee beans are sometimes referred to as heirloom beans, simply because they mostly grow in Indonesia. They are a sub-variety of Arabica and are sometimes mistaken for the S-795 and S-288 varieties.

Jember is generally an Indian coffee but is also popular in Indonesia. Jember is a local name, and in the international market, the variety is better known as S-795 (from Selection). It is believed to be a hybrid of S288 (the result of a natural crossing of Arabica and Liberica) and one of the Kent varieties. A distinctive feature of the variety is its good immunity against CLR (coffee leaf rust), S-795 is one of the first Arabica species discovered with this important characteristic.

The variety was developed in the 1940s in India. In 1955, Jember Research, part of the Indonesian Center for Coffee Research, became interested in it. Since then, the name Jember has stuck to the grain on the domestic market. Today S795 accounts for up to 30% of all Arabica cultivated in India. We should also note that the variety Jember is closely related to Indonesia’s culture and numerous people see it as a part of the country.

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What Do Jember Coffee Beans Taste Like?

Jember coffee beans grow on tall trees with broad, dense leaves that are golden or bronze-brown in color. The first crop appears in the second year after planting, unripe fruits are green, when ripe they turn red. The bean is relatively coarse and accounts for approximately 15.7% of the total coffee cherry weight. The recommended planting density is 1600-2000 plants per hectare.

Coffee connoisseurs note Jember’s excellent taste. In a blind test, coffee sommeliers identified dark chocolate and cocoa tones in it noted for a balanced full body and good acidity. The aroma ranges from freshly baked bread with honey to green peppers. A banana muffin can also be felt in the aftertaste.

Due to its rich bouquet with notes of maple syrup and cane sugar, as well as immunity to certain coffee diseases, the variety is often used in breeding, it is crossed with other types of coffee to obtain a hybrid with the same characteristics.

Recommended Coffees to Brew With Jember Beans

Jember beans are very unique and if you take a look at the brewing methods, not every one of them is suitable for making a cup of coffee out of Jember coffee beans. You will need specific ways such as Espresso and Latte which in our opinion are the best choices. Espresso ensures that you have the best way to drink Jember coffee and the other one provides a caramel flavor. We will go through each of them comprehensively below.

Espresso – Best Way To Drink Jember Coffee

Jember beans already have that buttery chocolate flavor, so it is a very good idea to go for an Espresso and enhance that flavor even more. This will give off a feeling as if you’re drinking liquid chocolate with a hint of coffee flavor. If you want to make Espresso with your beans, it is the best idea to have an Espresso Machine, otherwise, it is going to get complicated.

Brewing Espresso is considered hard at the beginning, however, after several tries, you will definitely be able to master this technique. You can also check our guide that will help you figure it out better.

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Latte – The Caramel Flavor is A Good Booster

The main reason why Jember beans go well with Latte is that it provides a perfect caramel flavor that makes your final cup of coffee taste exceptional! Once you have mastered all the features of making Latte coffee at home, you can start the most creative process of creating a coffee delicacy. Latte can be prepared in two ways: either mix all the ingredients evenly or place them in neat layers. In order for a coffee delicacy to lie in layers in a glass, you need to master several cooking tricks. You can check them all out in our masterclass below.

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Top 4 Jember Coffee Brands on Amazon

Here are the top 4 Jember coffee brands on Amazon and each of them can be distinguished for their specific features and incredibly good taste. Of course, it is possible to purchase the product directly in India, without additional charges, but Amazon is also an option.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

We have found the best 4 Jember coffee brands on Amazon that are absolutely spectacular compared to the other ones. For sure, you can always look for reviews from other customers but we have decided to provide honest reviews by ourselves. Let’s have a look at them thoroughly below.

Premium Kaya Kopi Jember

Price: $30.00 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Jember

Roast: Medium

Producer: Kaya Kopi

Beans: Whole

Premium Kaya Kopi Jember is a perfect option for anyone who likes to wake up with a cup of aromatic coffee. This summer, I was able to taste several varieties of coffee that were new to me. This one comes in a tight package and stylish decoration. As soon as I opened the pack, the aroma was pleasant, invigorating, and pleasing.

I would like to say that the coffee was a pleasant surprise, it turned out to be very tasty. Basically, I brew coffee with steep boiling water in a cup, however, with this one, you can actually try several brewing methods. Whichever you decide to choose, the coffee will still end up invigorating and tasty (unless you do something very wrong).

If you put 2 tablespoons of coffee on a cup, the drink turns out to be very strong and sometimes I want just that. Basically, one spoon per cup is enough to wake you up in the morning. All in all, the coffee is invigorating, moderately bitter, without sourness, and a pleasant aftertaste.

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Kantu Ecuadorian Jember

Price: $16.99 (subject to change)

Size: 9 oz

Type: Jember

Roast: Medium

Producer: Kantu

Beans: Ground

The next on our list is Kantu Ecuadorian Jember, which is one of the highest altitude coffee that you can come across on the market. In fact, this is something that contributes a lot to the overall taste and aroma and makes this product pretty unique for the majority of coffee lovers. In order to obtain acidity, aroma, and complex flavor, the company sun dries the beans for at least 20 days, rest them for 2 months, and then goes straight to the roasting process. So, it is pretty clear that the product you get at your doorstep is a result of hard work and commitment to high quality.

This product comes with a natural coffee smell, is not overcooked, and is very pleasant. When brewed, it turns out to be really rich, smooth, and invigorating. There is no surprise why all of the reviews from customers on Amazon are positive.

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Specialty Grade Sumatra Jember

Price: $17.50 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Jember

Roast: Medium

Producer: FosterHobbs Coffee

Beans: Whole

Specialty Grade Sumatra Jember is a product for those that enjoy medium roast coffee. Its taste is the least sour, and the aroma is bright. The drink turns out to be dense with pronounced confectionery caramel notes. It has a mild and rich taste.

The coffee is enclosed in a soft foil pack. It bears the name of the brand and the year of its foundation in large print. The shelf life is almost 2 years from the date of production, which is not something very common with the majority of coffee products.

The coffee is suitable for preparing a drink in almost any machine, meaning that you can either go for Pour over, French Press, or Espresso. As a result, you will get a drink with excellent coffee crema. For a 12-ounce package, you will have to pay $17.50 which is a very good price considering the high-quality you get.

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Indonesian Unroasted Jember

Price: $39.70 (subject to change)

Size: 5 pounds

Type: Jember

Roast: Unroasted

Producer: Smokin Beans

Beans: Whole

We are happy to end our list with Indonesian Unroasted Jember that is a very high-quality product. You can notice it from the first touch to the package that is able to keep your beans fresh for a pretty decent amount of time. Other than that, it has all the necessary information indicated on it, including the flavor profile, production place, and many more.

My absolute favorite thing about this coffee is its scent that you will be able to smell once you open the bag. And when you start brewing, it only becomes stronger and more pleasurable.

The taste is also excellent. I believe that this is a soft coffee, without any special sourness and bitterness. Good in any variation, however, I prefer to drink it with milk. Even in its pure form, the coffee is still very pleasant.

All in all, for its price, these Jember coffee beans are very decent and I definitely advise you to take a closer look at them.

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