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Kent Coffee Variety – Are These Beans Any Good?

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  • Flavor Profile: Balanced acidity and bitterness, quite pleasant floral aroma
  • Grown in: East Africa
Flavor Balanced acidity and bitterness, quite pleasant floral aroma
Grown In East Africa

Kent coffee beans are a sub-variety of Typica but related to Bourbon in a sense. They are a sub-variety of Arabica and are sometimes mistaken for the S-795 and S-288 varieties. Kent is a natural mutation of Typica, discovered in India at the beginning of the 20th century.

Recent genetic studies have shown that Arabica Kent is derived from Bourbon, but this point of view has not yet been officially recognized. However, some researchers believe that the variety was artificially bred in Kenya in 1911. In the 1920s, this coffee made its way to Tanzania, from where it spread throughout eastern Africa. By the end of the 1940s, the popularity of the variety began to decline, but did not subside – Kent is still quite in demand, although it is inferior to Typica and Bourbon.

The name of the variety is associated with a British planter named L.R. Kent, who lived in the Indian city of Mysore and was engaged in breeding coffee. Mr. Kent worked with Bourbon to maximize the genetic purity of the samples.

He wrapped a tree with mosquito netting to prevent pollination from other plants, and after a few harvest cycles, he could observe the desired inherited traits in the grains. Mainly the scientist wanted to consolidate the immunity to leaf rust.

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What Do Kent Coffee Beans Taste Like?

Typical Kent is “round”, delicate, slightly velvety. It unfolds best at an altitude of 5,900 feet above sea level. Growers plant coffee trees mixed with tropical fruits so that ripe fruits are immediately saturated with aromas of citrus and spices. Kent possesses balanced acidity and bitterness as well as quite a pleasant floral aroma. The coffee is mostly suitable for a family breakfast or coffee break at work.

Traditionally, in India and Kenya, coffee cherries are processed by the dry method: fresh fruits are dried in the sun and only then the skin and pulp are removed from them. If you process Kent with the wet method (first remove the pulp from the grain, then dry it), the coffee acquires the nuances of rose, caramel, green apple, anise, and cinnamon.

Best Kent Coffee Brands And Where To Buy Them

It’s very hard to find kent coffee beans for sale online, especially on Amazon. We suggest you instead check out our Tanzania coffee page and make a choice from the products we’ve mentioned there. They are as close as possible to Kent coffee beans. Tanzanian coffee beans enjoy a lot of popularity among people who are looking for Kent coffee brands. They are definitely worth your attention and the aroma, flavor and other characteristics will not leave you disappointed.

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