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S795 Coffee Beans – Single Origin Coffee From India

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  • Flavor Profile: Very low acidity and high bitterness with earthy notes
  • Grown in: India
Flavor Very low acidity and high bitterness with earthy notes
Grown In India

India is a pretty popular country when it comes to cultivating coffee. However, not every variety has got the attention that it deserves. One such example is S795 coffee beans. To put it in a few words, they are a hybrid of the S288 and Kent coffee varieties. Not everyone might know about this but because it was one of the first strains of rust-resistant Arabica, S795 (also known as Selection-795) is a significant cultivar.

So, while both the S288 and Kent cultivars are resistant to rust, the Kent cultivar is also a high-yielding tree. Because of its rust resistance, excellent yield, and superb cup profile, the S795 cultivar is highly sought after by many coffee producers.

Due to the fact that these beans came from the Jember Coffee Research Center in Surabaya, Indonesia, it is mostly referred to as Jember coffee. In India, it accounts for 25-30% of the arabica coffee land. It seems that India has a perfect environment for this specific variety, as it is the only location where S795 can be found. That is the main reason why these beans taste unique and nothing like you have tasted before. In this guide, we are going to talk about the background of the S795 coffee and where it is possible to purchase them.

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The Background Of S795 Coffee Beans

Before we talk more about the background of S795 coffee beans, let’s take a look at what they look like. This coffee is mostly characterized as vigorous and high-yielding. S795 has a large number of primary and secondary plagiotropic branches. As the fruit matures, it turns from green to dark crimson, depending on how ripe it is. Each node yields between 14 and 16 cherries, depending on the size of the node.

When brewed, it contains distinct flavor characteristics of maple syrup and brown sugar, according to the description of most people. The variety was first created in the Indonesian coffee industry by India in the 1970s. It is produced in both Bali and Toraja where it is mostly known as Jember. One of the reasons why this type has been so popular for so long in the country is that it is incredibly easy to produce.

For individuals who are new to coffee growing, starting with S795 is highly recommended. It is not difficult to cultivate, doesn’t require a lot of compost, and may grow at different levels. While it does have distinct flavor characteristics, it is frequently viewed as not providing as high-quality a cup as, for instance, the Catuai type.

As a result of Indonesia’s wide diversity of microclimates, the S795 coffee variety is an excellent choice. This coffee’s acidity is additionally reduced with Liberica. However, it is also important to note agriculture experts warn that the great dependability of the crop does not always translate into a high level of productivity.

Best S795 Coffee Brands To Buy Online

So, if you want to taste S795 coffee beans, it will be natural for you to be looking for ways to buy them. Some might consider getting these beans directly from India, however, this process is pretty hard and related to a lot of headaches including payments, logistics, etc. I mostly buy my coffee from Amazon as it offers high-quality products that can be bought with a single click. To save your time, we have already done our research on the best S795 coffee brands to buy online.

Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy brands that sell S795 beans on Amazon at this time. But we recommend checking our India page to find at least some relevant options.

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