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Togo Coffee Beans – Brewing, Buying & Cultivation Guides

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$ 0.01 - $0.04 per ounce

  • How to serve: Served as instant coffee
  • flavor: Mild acidity but high bitterness, woody, and ashy flavor
Varieties Robusta
How to Serve Served as instant coffee
Flavor Mild acidity but high bitterness, woody, and ashy flavor
Recommended Machine Pourover, French Press
Good As Americano, Lungo, Espresso
Price Range $0.01 – $0.04 per ounce
Caffeine Level 0.8% on average

The Togolese Republic is a nation on Ghana’s western frontier, producing mostly Robusta coffee. In this tropical Sub-Saharan republic, coffee, cotton as well as cocoa are the major crops for the excellent seasons of cultivation and collectively account for roughly 40% of the nation’s export revenue. All coffee cultivated in Togo is exported and 10% of the nation’s overall exports are made from this beverage.

The distinctive flavor and characteristics of Togo coffee beans create excellent beverages that are common worldwide. It represents a substantial amount of the nation’s international revenues through exports and also consumes part of them domestically. The most often produced kind of coffee beans in the nation is Robusta and its caffeine concentration is between 1.7-4%. In order to develop well, the coffee produced in Togo requires typical coffee temperatures between 75°F to 86°F.

In this Togo Coffee review, we will discuss everything you need to know about it, including brewing, buying, and cultivation guides. So, keep reading!

Where Does Togo Grow Coffee?

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia but was brought into Togo in the 16th century. The marketing of coffee has since grown and has proven to be one of the primary cash crops in the country. The end result is a hot drink that is easy to find around the globe.

As we already mentioned, in order to develop well, the coffee produced in Togo requires typical coffee temperatures around 24°C to 30°C. For the plants to have enough water, the average rainfall ranging between 1500mm-2500mm calls for healthy soil to enhance their growth. Additionally, the coffee trees must be placed several feet apart. In 2016, the nation exported over 15 million pounds of coffee, putting it one of Africa’s top producers of the commodity. Since they are both situated in the same tropical area, the country’s end output is comparable to coffee cultivated in Ghana. The majority of the coffee grown in the nation is grown in an area known as Plateaux.

In Togo, the average output per hectare of coffee grown is around 14000 ounces. The majority of growers are grouped into unions that aid in the cultivation, harvest, as well as export of coffee to other places of the globe.

Top Alternatives to Togolese Coffee Beans

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find Togo coffee beans on Amazon, so here are some alternatives that are just as good if not better than Togolese beans. Below this list, we will also discuss several brands on Amazon that are not really Togo coffee brands but are very very similar.

Ghanian Coffee Nigerian Coffee Ivory Coast Coffee Angolan Coffee

Top 5 Togo Coffee Brand Alternatives To Buy On Amazon

If you are someone who wishes to have a drink of Togolese coffee, then you have to read this guide. At this time, there are a lot of alternatives of Togolese coffee brands on Amazon, so you can buy your goods in a few hours with only a single click (especially if you use Amazon Prime). Below you will find the top 5 Togolese Coffee beans alternatives, which all sorts of coffee enthusiasts value highly across the world.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

So you are ready to find your new favorite products? We decided to provide you with an overview of our top picks and give you all crucial data so you can choose the appropriate option more easily depending on your taste and preferences. So please sit back and enjoy the process, as we tell you more about the best coffees online.

Cambodian Cardamom Coffee

Price: $$7.50 (subject to change)

Size: 4.5 ounces

Type: Arabica

Roast: Dark

Producer: Senteurs D’Angkor

Beans: Ground

The first on our list is Cambodian Cardamom coffee which is one of Portugal’s best accessible coffee online. Delta Café is the market leader in Portugal particularly designed to protect coffee’s flavor. One of the best things about this product is the fact that you can brew it using any technique. However, my favorite right now is Moka Pot – From what I have seen, this method produces the best possible flavor for your taste buds.

The coffee has the Angola mixture in it with a powerful character as well as strong taste – this is the result of the selection of the greatest African beans. In your cup, you can expect a strong taste that does not leave a bitter aftertaste. I totally recommend buying this product as it is one of the best Arabica coffee that I have ever tasted, besides, the price is not very high – For a 9-ounce package, you will have to pay $12.99 – The packaging is pretty impressive and additionally, it can keep your coffee fresh for a long period of time.

Check Price on Amazon

Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground

Price: $$27.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend

Roast: Dark

Producer: Robarica

Beans: Ground

Robarica Vietnamese Dark Roast Ground is a coffee planted at low altitudes, resulting in a balanced, high-quality cup. One important thing to note is that the brand behind it is pretty experienced – the Portuguese mastered the technique of coffee making over many years.

I believe that this coffee is a perfect option for people that enjoy natural, healthy products. Ground coffee is roasted without any chemical additives and that is something that your body will thank you for. In your cup, you will discover a woody fragrance of cacao, vanilla as well as caramel undertones.

With this coffee, you should be expecting something sweet and acid-free. The price is fine in terms of the size (96 pods), and overall quality. From my experience, these coffee beans have a very rich and smooth taste and their aroma is really unforgettable, so if you want to make your morning extremely energized, I totally recommend you buy this one.

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Kenya AA Peaberry Coffee

Price: $$14.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Kenya AA

Roast: Medium

Producer: Out of Africa

Beans: Whole

Peaberry coffee from Kenya might be something most of our readers are not familiar with. Peaberry coffee is pretty common for coffee lovers, however, let’s take a closer look at it. So, this one originates from the same trees as ordinary coffee beans, where coffee cherry is usually composed of two seeds. In rare circumstances, a coffee cherry produces only one seed, which leads to the valued coffee bean “Peaberry.” They too are denser and reputed to have a stronger taste character. Approximately 5% of all coffee output consists of peaberry, making it highly uncommon and unique on the market.

Kenya Peaberry Coffee has a tangy scent, a highly acidic cup with a winey flavor of black currants. In order to bring the best out of your beans, it might be the best idea to brew them using French Press. The product description mentions that using other techniques is also possible, and you are definitely free to experiment – this will help you find the taste that suits your preferences the best. Additionally, this coffee tastes very good with sweeteners such as condensed milk – you might try it as well.

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Tanzanian Peaberry Medium Roast

Price: $$14.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Arabica

Roast: Medium

Producer: Coffee Bros

Beans: Whole

The next on our list is also Peaberry. Those coffee beans are made out of 100% ground coffee from Arabica, therefore, it is important to mention that the taste and aroma of Arabica coffee are twice as good as its cousin, Robusta. In your cup, you might be expecting the taste of rich chocolate. I believe that this product is pretty acidic, so the ones having health problems related to it, might stay away from it and check out other options.

Coffee leaves its first impression with packaging. In this case, you can even feel the quality from the picture. The bag is not only good-looking but has all the necessary information indicated on it including roast date, type, and many more. Additionally, the price also looks attractive – A 12-ounce package costs $14.99 and the product is definitely worth investing in.

All in all, this coffee has a highly balanced tasting profile with a subtle fruit undertone just as described by CoffeeBros. This is a wonderful equilibrium between sweet and bitter so if you need a taste closest to Togo coffee beans, you should definitely consider purchasing it.

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Gorilla’s Coffee Arabica Bourbon

Price: $$13.99 (subject to change)

Size: 8.8 ounces

Type: Bourbon

Roast: Medium

Producer: Gorilla’s Coffee

Beans: Ground

Gorilla’s coffee Arabica Bourbon comes from farmers that produce high-altitude coffee on rich volcanic land. “Beyond fair trade,” guarantees that the quality of coffee is satisfactory and the product is completely safe to consume for everyone.

These coffee beans come with high quality, and their price is also very affordable so if you are a true coffee medium roast beans lover this option is probably the best which is available on the online store on Amazon. On top of that, if you are looking for beans that would have a similar taste to Togo coffee beans, then go for it without a lot of analysis. For brewing methods, I would recommend Pour-over, which is a pretty simple and affordable tool that will help you get the best possible results.

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Recommended Machines for Brewing Togo Coffee Beans

Everyone might have their own favorite technique of making Togolese coffee, but there comes a moment when you want something to make your coffee taste better. There are many various machines for brewing coffee, however, I will reveal the ones that I have personally tested and promise a flavor that will surely improve your coffee drinking experience.

There are three easy and common coffee brewing procedures for coffee enthusiasts like myself who wish to brew a better cup of coffee at home using the best Togo coffee beans – Your unique tastes, time restrictions, and technique will all influence your method of choice.

Pour over – Best For Instant Coffee

Pour-over coffee is a drip brewing technique, however, it is not the same as the drip method generated by your automated coffee maker. Pour-over coffee is made by manually pouring water over coffee beans. When done correctly, it yields a more delectable cup.

The major reason I like this technique of brewing is that you have total control over the entire process. Here is the list of things that you will definitely need:

If you have all of these items at home, then congratulations! It means that you can get into the coffee-brewing process, which looks something like the following:

  1. Start by boiling the water. Meanwhile, grind your Togo coffee beans
  2. Grab your paper filter and place it in the brewer. Then add some coffee into it (you should make your own measurements depending on how many people will consume coffee).
  3. Start pouring hot water into coffee grounds – Just enough to cover it. Then wait about 40 seconds.
  4. Continue pouring the remaining hot water in a circular motion.
  5. Once all coffee and water are drained from the filter, you can remove it and enjoy the final results

Remember that continuous pouring is the key to creating the perfect cup. Just be careful not to overload the top-level – your coffee should be around 12 inches from the top.

Pour-over Machines

French Press – Good Alternative

The French Press is the ultimate low-maintenance brewing technique for lazy Saturday mornings. When done properly, it produces a creamy-bodied coffee. Follow this technique to make the perfect French Press. Here is a list of things you will require:

You must next do the following easy steps:

  1. Preheat your machine with hot water, including the plunger, and then pour hot water into your cup.
  2. Fill the press halfway with coffee and gently shake it to even the grinds.
  3. Start the timer and pour water in a circular motion into the press to wet all of the grinds until it is half-full. Take time to let it blossom.
  4. After 30 seconds, use a spoon to gently combine the grinds.
  5. Fill the press with water equally and cover with the lid, gently resting the plunger on the grounds.
  6. Wait for 4 minutes before cautiously lowering the plunger all the way.
  7. Pour the coffee straight away to avoid over-extraction.
  8. Enjoy!

Discover Best French Presses

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