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Timor Coffee Variety – Hybrid of Robusta and Arabica Beans

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  • Flavor Profile: Mild acidity with full body and earthy flavor
  • Grown in: Indonesia
Flavor Mild acidity with full body and earthy flavor
Grown In Indonesia

Timor coffee beans are a hybrid of the Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, commonly grown on Timor Leste in Indonesia.

Timor coffee beans are The Hibrido de Timor coffee bean variety, an interspecies hybrid of Robusta as well as Coffea arabica, which was developed in the 1940s on the Indonesian island of Timor. Timor coffee plants were first developed owing to their high resistance to coffee leaf rust, a disease that affects many coffee types of coffee plants. This coffee has a moderate to full body, a broad flavor, and a lively but low-toned kind of acidity. Some discrepancies in harvesting and processing might result in musty and harsh characteristics in the final cup.

The Hybrid de Timor coffee bean variety also has been combined with the Caturra type in order to generate the Catimor cultivar which indeed is immune to coffee leaf rust as well. Timor coffee exports are restricted, and it is hard to find retail wholesalers that handle green coffee beans. Timor coffee was regarded as a classic coffee bean, but, on the other hand, the nation’s coffee production declined due to political upheaval and other factors. International agencies have lately provided help to Timor’s coffee sector, while political concerns still remain a major worry.

In this Timor coffee beans review, we are going to further talk about the detailed history of the Timor coffee beans. On top of that, in this guide, we will also discuss what are the ​​top 4 Timor coffee brands on Amazon.

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The History Of Timor Coffee Beans

While talking about Timor coffee beans, it is essential to discuss the background including how it was created and how it managed to develop.

Hybrid de Timor was developed in 1927 in a typica coffee farm (a type of arabica) planted in 1917 in what became East Timor. Timorese coffee growers began to grow Hibrido de Timor in the 1940s. The coffee crops were transported to other Indonesian islands in the 1950s and 1960s, and to then research institutions from across the globe, where scientists combined them with arabica coffee to develop rust-resistant varieties like Catimor and Sarchimor.

Notwithstanding the significance of Hibrido de Timor for the worldwide coffee business, little study has been conducted on the geographic distribution as well as genetic features of East Timor’s plants’ species.

This is related in regards to the fact that most of the farms where this historical hybrid is found were neglected in the midst of the 1975 Indonesian takeover and nowadays live in a semi-wild condition. Coffee is critical to the economy of East Timor (where nearly the majority of the people rely exclusively on coffee for a living) and a number of other developing nations. Coffee producers and farmers in these nations are able to rely on biological resources from hibrido de Timor to resist leaf rust as well as other illnesses that could become more serious and prevalent as a result of global warming.

Top 4 Timor Coffee Brands on Amazon

If you are already interested in this type of coffee, it is totally natural that you will seek alternative methods to get it. While it is true that Timor coffee beans are widely accessible in Indonesia, not everyone has the ability to travel there – so where should you buy it? Because of the internet, it has become possible to obtain a product from the other side of the planet. In this instance, I would prefer an Amazon online store because it has a large selection of high-quality products, including Timor coffee brands. To save you time, we have already done our research on top coffee brands, which you can simply find in the list below. So let’s get started and explore some of the best items in this guide.

How We Rated Them

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Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

Simply naming our favorite items will not help you determine whether a specific product is worthy of your time, money, or attention. A variety of factors may impact your decision-making process. This is why we have decided to provide separate overviews of our top picks, including all of their key information and features. So, be ready to discover your new favorite Timor coffee bean variety down below.

Fresh Roasted Timor

Price: $44.96 (subject to change)

Size: 5 pounds

Type: Timor

Roast: Medium

Producer: Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Beans: Whole

These Organic Timor coffee beans have a rich taste, deep dark chocolate hints, and a gentle finish. In East Timor, the Cooperativa Cafe Timor (CCT) operates extremely tiny farms. The CCT was founded in 1994 with the assistance of the USDA as well as the NCBA. The organization received Fair Trade certification in 2001. What I am trying to say is that you are dealing with an experienced brand that will serve you with the right customer service.

If you prefer your coffee strong and delicious, this product will be the perfect match for you. If you have grown tired of tasting other beans on the market with the boring taste, then definitely give these a shot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you enjoy strong coffee that tastes fantastic. To obtain the freshest, genuine deal beans, it might be a good idea to purchase straight from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.

Besides, it should be noted that people write extremely good reviews on this product which already indicates that the product comes with high quality, and additionally, I can also confirm it myself. Even though the price is a little higher than other Timor coffee beans, it is totally worth spending the money.

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Dean’s Beans Organic Timor

Price: $14.99 (subject to change)

Size: 16 ounces

Type: Timor

Roast: Medium

Producer: Dean’s Beans

Beans: Whole

This dark roast bean is a single-origin coffee from the East Timor town of Atsabe. The producers employ high-quality specialty roasted coffee as a tool for big improvement all through the coffee lands of Asia, Africa, as well as the Americas at Dean’s Beans. This is a one-of-a-kind silky roast with chocolate undertones. Aside from that, these moderate roast beans are strong and robust, well-rounded, and have caramel overtones.

This coffee company is committed to environmentally friendly procedures, guaranteeing that all of their coffees are USDA Certified Organic as well as shade-grown. This promotes healthy ecosystems, protects migrating bird habitats, and maintains the life quality of their coffee producer partners. The company’s organic accreditation implies that their coffee has no chemicals, no false caffeine, zero chemical solvents, and also no mold.

I adore Timor coffee, which is not always easy to get. This organic coffee was obtained through a fair trade arrangement with the producers. I recommend brewing it with French Press, as from my experience it was able to produce the best taste.

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Organic Syrupy Timor

Price: $13.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Timor

Roast: Medium

Producer: Split Oak Coffee Roasters

Beans: Whole

These organic Syrupy Timor coffee beans are from Split Oak Coffee Roasters. The coffee beans have an earthy and rich flavor. This coffee also has a low level of acidity and mild body which makes it ideal for cold brew, espresso shots, as well as a french press.

The firm claims that no matter how customers brew their coffee beans, each client will get a precisely balanced flavor. They began by collaborating with fair trade producers from throughout the world and selecting organic, naturally processed coffee beans. Their collaborations provide not only decent but excellent business practices and advantages for all employees and consumers from all over the world.

These Timor coffee beans truly have a significant flavor, different aroma with a rich and smooth aftertaste. However, it should be noted that not all the customer reviews are perfect as some of them write that the coffee beans are quite awful and did not deliver the quality and freshness of the beans. If you decide to purchase this product, this fact should definitely be considered before making a final decision. Overall, I believe that the price is affordable and the taste is quite good which makes the product worth risking the money.

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Unroasted Timor Coffee Beans

Price: $39.99 (subject to change)

Size: 5 pounds

Type: Timor

Roast: Unroasted

Producer: Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Beans: Whole

These Timor green coffee beans are produced on East Timor’s gorgeous shore. Timor coffee beans are often full-bodied, spicy, chocolatey, and sometimes herbal. This product is great for people who like a darker roast due to its capability to tolerate heat owing to its thick structure. Considering the fact that beans are unroasted, the coffee is ideal for home coffee roasters.

This Timor coffee is recognized for having a more earthy, sweet, and spicy flavor profile as a consequence of how the beans are hand processed at the farm level, let to ferment, and dried several times before export. The entire procedure is unique to this bean and results in a very distinctive complex cup of coffee. I appreciate that it is natural, and I look forward to future roasts and experiments. As for this firm, it is now one of my go-to places for a wide variety of high-quality beans. Besides, the price is also relatively reasonable considering that the product comes with high quality and the taste is very rich, smooth as well as delicious. So purchase these Unroasted Timor Coffee Beans right now and you will definitely not be disappointed once the package arrives at your door.

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