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Obata Coffee Variety – Hybrid Sub-Variety From Central America

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  • Flavor Profile: Balanced acidity and notes of citrus and chocolate
  • Grown in: Central America
Flavor Balanced acidity and notes of citrus and chocolate
Grown In Central America

Obata coffee beans are a hybrid of the Timor and Villa Sarchi coffee varieties, both of which are Arabica subspecies. They are commonly grown in Central America.

This is a combination between Villa Sarchi CIFC 971/10 as well as Timor Hybrid 832/2. Compilation of pedigrees from the Sao Paulo State Agriculture Institute (IAC) in Campinas, Brazil. It was originally released in Brazil, imported in 2014 by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute for commercial publication in Costa Rica (ICAFE).

Overall, Obata is a leaf rust-resistant variety, a pure as well as balanced coffee with a particular acidity profile that has been created in Brazil, utilizing the Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi parentship. It is a coffee that not only has outstanding flavor properties, but also great results and illness resistance.

The coffee made from these beans comes with a sweet fragrance, creamy texture, citric acidity, lengthy finish, milk taste of the chocolate, as well as caramel. All this already means that the Obata coffee variety is something really special and one of a kind, a drink that is worth experiencing.

In this Obata coffee variety review, we are going to further discuss the details of these beans, so make sure to stay tuned and find out more.

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The Background Of Obata Coffee Beans

Let’s talk more about the background of Obata coffee beans. It is important to note that there is Volcan Azul which is an outstanding coffee estate in the Costa Rican Alajuela region, which is under the supervision of Don Alejo Castro. Alejo includes unbelievably informed farmers and also has a great history that can be easily traced back to the turn of the nineteenth century and is the 5th generation of his family.

A variety of crops and plants, including the Catuai, Caturra, Obata, Villa Sarchi, and Geisha, are produced on the farm. Alejo continues to spread new varieties each season with the aim of experimenting continually and adding diversity.

The Obata coffee beans have a clear, balanced coffee that has a delicate but distinct acidity profile, a leaf, roost resistant variety which was created in Brazil, with Timor hybrid as well as Villa Sarchi. It is a coffee with good taste, excellent harvests, and resilience to illness, making it a major contribution to Alex’s Volcano Blue estate.

The selection of pedigrees by the Sao Paulo State Institute of Agronomy (IAC), Campinas, Brazil. This variety was released in 2000 in Brazil and licensed by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute for commercial publication in 2014.

Best Obata Coffee Brands To Buy Online

If you are a true coffee lover, it will be natural that you are looking for new tastes and experiences. In that case, purchasing Obata coffee brands is an excellent idea, however, getting them is pretty hard these days. We already did our research on Amazon, and unfortunately, there are no reliable companies currently selling Obata beans. But don’t worry – If you want to get the taste closest to Obata coffee, then we recommend that you visit our Costa Rica page, so that you may discover at least some related alternatives.

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