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Villa Sarchi Coffee Beans – Arabica Variety In Costa Rica

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Villa Sarchi

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  • Flavor Profile: Low acidity and bitterness, but a bright floral aroma in every sip
  • Grown in: Costa Rica
Flavor Low acidity and bitterness, but a bright floral aroma in every sip
Grown In Costa Rica

Villa Sarchi is a Bourbon mutation (such as Pacas and Caturra) discovered in Naranjo, West Valley. It is a dwarf cultivar with short internodes and typically better yields. Bourbon beans themselves are a variety of Arabica beans. That’s why it won’t be a surprise to say that Villa Sarchi coffee beans have a very similar taste profile to Bourbon beans. Villa Sarchi is commonly grown in Central American countries, for instance, Costa Rica.

These beans produce a good crop and grow well at high elevations, although it loves to be cultivated in the shadow or semi-shade of other trees. It has a strong root system and does not require a lot of fertilizer to produce effectively, therefore it’s a popular choice for organic farmers. It does, however, require deep, natural, nutrient-rich soil and a little space to spread out, prospering at around 3500 trees per hectare.

It is important to note that Villa Sarchi has developed a large fanbase in Costa Rica, doing extremely well in contests. As a result, this coffee bean seems to be gaining more popularity in other Central American countries as well. In this guide, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about Villa Sarchi, including history, top products, the best brews, etc.

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The History Of Villa Sarchi Coffee Beans

As we already mentioned at the beginning, Villa Sarchi (also known as Villalobos Bourbon or La Luisa) is a naturally occurring mutation in a Bourbon population caused by a single-gene mutation that makes the plant grow smaller.

Villa Sarchi coffee beans variety was found in Costa Rica in the middle of the 20th century in the northwestern part of the province of Alajuela. Since then, it has undergone pedigree selection (the selection of individual plants through consecutive generations). Outside of Costa Rica, it is not extensively grown, however it was introduced to Honduras in 1974 and nowadays seems to be gaining popularity in other countries. It is well-suited to high-altitude situations and is resistant to severe winds.

Villa Sarchi is arguably best known as one of the namesakes of the “Sarchimor” coffee family. In the 1970s, coffee breeders and producers in Latin America, as well as the worldwide coffee industry, were highly concerned about the new advent of coffee leaf rust in the region. So, how exactly was Villa Sarchi created? Back in 1958, two shipments of Timor Hybrid seeds were delivered to CIFC, which was well-known for its study into coffee leaf rot. Breeders chose two plants for breeding from the two shipments of seeds received by CIFC based on their strong resistance to leaf rust. In 1967, CIFC breeders began work on developing new coffee types that would be immune to coffee leaf rust while still being compact enough to be planted more thickly.

What Brews are Best to Make With Villa Sarchi Beans?

So, how can you get the bestVilla Sarchi coffee? We are pretty sure you are aware of the fact that there exist a lot of different types of coffee. Everyone might have their favorite based on their preferences, however, it is important to note that specific beans produce better tastes when done in a specific way. Below, we are going to share the best brews that make the best tasting cup of coffee with Villa Sarchi beans. You are free to experiment with different techniques as it will help you find the taste that suits your interests the best.

Lungo – The Traditional Method

Lungo is a very common way to brew coffee in the Americas, and it suits these beans perfectly due to their taste profiles and aroma. Lungo can often be confused with Espresso as these two drinks definitely share some similarities with each other. However, the main difference is that Lungo requires twice as much water and longer brewing time. It’s a larger drink than a standard espresso shot since more water flows through the ground coffee, somewhat diluting it.

It is pretty easy to discover Villa Sarchi coffee beans’ quality with Lungo. A lungo shot isn’t as strong as an espresso, and it generally has a bitter aftertaste from the water being let to run through the espresso for a longer amount of time. So, making it is pretty easy and nothing too complicated. To make sure that you are making it the right way, check our guide on making a great Lungo.

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Ristretto – To Truly Feel The Taste

Villa Sarchi beans are extremely light on the flavor, so by concentrating them in a Ristretto, you can more easily feel the actual taste. Ristretto also shares some similarities with Espresso. However, compared to Lungo (which uses more water in its cup), Ristretto actually requires less water. A ristretto will be somewhat thicker than espresso since less water is used. It can also hold more crema because it has a smaller capacity but an equivalent surface area on which crema may lay. As a result, when done with different Villa Sarchi coffee beans types, you will be able to find the authentic taste that this coffee has to offer.

If you want to make Ristretto by yourself, check the guide below and follow the simple steps.

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Best Villa Sarchi Coffee Brands To Buy Online

So, if you want to know how exactly these beans taste, it will be natural that you will be looking for Villa Sarchi coffee beans for sale. I mostly buy my coffee from Amazon, as it has the fastest way of getting my product at my doorstep. Additionally, I am able to read reviews from other people and make sure whether a specific product is worth my time, money, and attention. We did our research on the Villa Sarchi coffee brand to buy online so you would be able to test them yourself. Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy brands that sell Villa Sarchi beans on Amazon at this time. But we recommend checking our Costa Rica page to find at least some relevant options.

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