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What is a Cortado and How To Make One at Home?

Cortado is a 1:1 ratio of Espresso and steamed milk. Here is a small instruction on how to make cortado at home:

How to Make a Cortado Without a Machine – 2 Ways

An important thing that should be mentioned while talking about homemade cortado is the fact that there are two major ways that you can make it manually, without using any type of machine. Those methods are Indian Style Cortado and General-style Cortado. So if you really like to know how to make the best Cortado at home, take a quick look at the next section in order to discover the best and easiest brewing techniques.

Indian Style Cortado

The first and more important method of preparing Cortado coffee at home manually is doing it in an Indian style. This is a very simple and flexible way to enjoy the best cup of coffee with the highest quality felt in each sip.

General Style Cortado

Another method that should also be mentioned in this cortado brewing guide is the General style of brewing cortado coffee. This is also a very easy and quick way to make yourself an amazing coffee that will make your whole day and will give you the energy you are looking for in one cup of coffee.

Recommended Machines to Use for Brewing Cortado

You should know that there also are other ways of brewing Cortado, other than doing it manually by hand. There are several machines that will help you to save time and effort and will make high-quality coffee for you. My favorite way of preparing a Cortado at home is using an Espresso machine which I have at home. It makes a flavorful and amazing cup of Cortado coffee with a rich taste and aroma. Another brewing technique includes using a percolator. So let’s discuss each of these recommended machines briefly down below.

Espresso Machine – The Classic Version

As we have already mentioned, the espresso machine is a classic way of making cortado at home. Here is the instruction on the brewing process:

While any type of milk can be used to make cortados, whole milk is the most popular. If you wish, you may add a little foam on top if you desire.

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French Press – The Simple Version

French presses may be used to produce espresso shots if you use them to brew your coffee. However, it is important to note that this approach makes the weakest espresso. Here is the quick and easy instruction on how to use the French press for brewing your high-quality coffee at home:

List of Best French Press Machines on The Market

Percolator – As Close to an Espresso As Possible

Percolators, according to a lot of coffee lovers, provide better coffee since they brew it double. Dark roast coffees, on the other hand, are much more likely to feel bitter, so if you are unfamiliar with the percolator procedure, you might also want to begin with intermediate roast coffees rather than dark roasts.

In a perpetual process of near-boiling water is passed over the coffee grounds, which results in a more bitter brew as the cycle is prolonged. Percolator is one of the easiest ways to brew black coffee at home. Aside from that, you will not have to spend a lot of time or energy individually preparing Cortado coffee.

Top Percolators to Choose From

What Beans are Recommended for Brewing Cortado?

A medium to dark roast bean is excellent for creating Cortados since it is more soluble and extracts better. As a result of their high oil content, they assist in making a richer crema. In addition, they offer your espresso the body and taste you desire in your shot.

Cortado is a Latino coffee drink, so it is only natural to use coffee beans from Latin America, but which ones exactly? Here is the list of the recommended beans for brewing Cortado coffee at home.

Colombia Coffee Beans Guatemalan Coffee Beans Cuban Coffee Beans Brazilian Coffee Beans

Individual Bean Types I Recommend for Cortado

We have discussed beans from different countries, but what about individual bean species? I have chosen four of them in order to illustrate one of my most favorite coffee beans for brewing cortado at home. So if you are interested in this issue you would definitely need to take a quick look at the list of my recommended items down below:

Bourbon Maragogype Pacas Oro Azteca

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