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Oro Azteca Coffee Beans – Single Origin Coffee From Mexico

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Oro Azteca

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  • Flavor Profile: Light acidity with a pleasant bitterness. Notes of nuts and herbal aroma
  • Grown in: Mexico
Flavor Light acidity with a pleasant bitterness. Notes of nuts and herbal aroma
Grown In Mexico

Oro Azteca coffee beans are a hybrid of the Timor and Caturra coffee beans, commonly grown in Mexico. It was the first resistant coffee cultivar created and licensed in the country. Since the decades of studies, Mexico’s Institute of Forestry, Agriculture, and Livestock Research (INIFAP) announced the variation, which was actively advertised within the nation due to its strength and resistance to coffee leaf rust, decent cup quality, as well as an average return of 32 to 55 coffee quintals of pergamino (parchment coffee) for every hectare, which really is extremely high for a Mexican-grown coffee (on average, 37 percent higher than Red Caturra within the region).

Oro Azteca is derived from a Catimor (Timor Hybrid) rootstock, which makes the plant immune to leaf rust, and has been mated with Red Caturra, which accounts for production, cup shape, as well as plant height.

According to studies conducted in Mexico, the crop has selected the perfect adaptability in the provinces of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Veracruz, where altitudes range from 1,900 to 4,200 feet.

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The Background Of Oro Azteca Coffee Beans

Coffee leaf rust (CLR) is among the most damaging diseases that are affecting a lot of coffee plants in Mexico. That is the main reason why the research was conducted to assess the response of two Mexican varieties of Coffea arabica (Oro Azteca as well as Garnica) in the early phases of Hemileia vastatrix infections.

The researchers received the following results from the study: For example, when Oro Azteca was compared to Garnica, the non-race specific disease resistance gene (CaNDR1), a critical gene for pathogen identification showed enhanced expression in response to pathogens by H. vastatrix. These findings imply that Oro Azteca’s defensive mechanisms may include early detection of CLR by NDR1 and increased expression of the SA signaling pathway. All in all, Oro Azteca coffee beans can be considered high quality due to their resistance which also can be identified in the final cup of coffee.

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