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How To Brew The Best Americano You’ve Ever Had

There are several ways to make americano at home. Let’s get to the guide as soon as we can and talk about the details a bit later. Here is what you need to do:

That is how most baristas make their Americano, but there is another, much simpler way to brew Americano. Actually, it is just how we brew coffee in general. Take any coffee machine you want and brew around 30-50 grams of coffee with 16 ounces of water with it and bam, you have an Americano.

In this guide, we will further talk about the recommended machines to use for brewing Americano such as Espresso Machine – the classic version, Pourover – the simple version, and Percolator – also the simple version. So if you are a true Americano lover, you definitely need to know all about them.

Recommended Machines to Use for Brewing Americano

I frequently drink Americano at home – and it took some time to get it just right. So, what precisely is a caffè Americano, which machine is best for it and how is it properly prepared? To put it more simply, it is an Espresso-based brew with hot water. The water dilutes the Espresso mildly, offering you the volume of a drip through with an Espresso flavor.

Trying to make an Americano may appear to be as simple as pouring warm water into an espresso, but there is more to the formula than that – far more, according to some coffee enthusiasts. And the distinction between a caffè Americano as well as a regular cup of coffee would become evident.

So while talking about homemade Americano it should be noted that there are several recommended coffee machines. Let’s discuss each of these machines in a detailed way down below.

Espresso Machine – The Classic Version

The first and foremost method of brewing Americano is using an Espresso machine. Here are the following steps about how to make amazing Americano using this method.

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Pourover – The Simple Version

With a Pour-over method, a filter with a medium grind is placed in a kettle, and water is poured into the filter to generate a crunchy, spotless, and smooth flavourful cup of coffee.

It is a good idea to grind your Espresso beans a little finer if you prefer the smoky, stronger flavor of dark-roasted espresso coffee beans.

Especially if you like black coffee, the pour-over technique is preferred because it can produce a tastier brew. Because the brewing process is longer, the taste extraction is more complex. More sweetness is extracted when the water filters via the coffee grounds slowly.

List of Best Pourovers on The Market

Percolator – The Simple Version

Most people agree that percolators develop better coffee because they brew it twice. However, dark roast coffees are more likely to taste bitter, so if you are new to the percolator process, you might just want to start with moderate roast coffees instead of dark roasts.

This is an old-fashioned method of brewing coffee that was popular before the invention of coffee machines that dispense coffee in a drip-style fashion. A small but dedicated following persists nonetheless. Basically, it’s just a coffee maker that looks like a kettle. A continuous cycle of near-boiling water is passed through the coffee grounds, resulting in a bitter brew as the cycle is extended.

So if you want to brew black coffee at home, using Percolator is one of the easiest versions that are available out there. Besides, you will not have to put too much time or effort into making instant coffee manually.

Top Percolators to Choose From

What Beans are Recommended for Brewing Americano?

While brewing Americano, there are only two ingredients, as with most other coffees. Coffee beans, as well as water, are used to make it. Use the same water that you always use in your espresso machine when preparing the drink.

You can not skimp on the beans just because you dilute the double shot of Espresso with water. The addition of warm water, on the other hand, reduces the margin for error. The addition of water helps bring out the more subtle features of the coffee bean taste, which can ruin the Americano if you use a poor-quality bean. This is why it is recommended to use only 100% Arabica beans while making Americano at home. Besides, it is best that the beans are slightly more acidic because then the water doesn’t dilute them too much. Down in the list, you can discover the best beans for brewing a high-quality cup of Americano.

Honduras Coffee Beans El Salvador Coffee Beans Ecuador Coffee Beans Mexican Coffee Beans

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