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Top Low Acid Coffee Beans You Can Buy in 2021

Do you happen to love coffee, but once you drink it your stomach goes crazy? Well, if yes, then low acid coffee beans should be your go-to’s.

Caffeine and acidity might aggravate gastrointestinal pain in sensitive stomachs – That’s why people suffering from certain medical problems may benefit from switching to low-acid coffee. Common symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease include heartburn, chest discomfort, regurgitation of food or drink at the back of the throat, and a persistent cough. We can all agree that having to experience all of these things while drinking your favorite cup of coffee is not fun. In today’s guide, we are going to recommend some of the best low acid coffee beans that are going to change your coffee drinking experience.

By the way, did you know that the best low acidity coffee comes from the following countries? Here’s the list:

Costa Rica Jamaica Haiti Nicaragua Panama

Top 5 Low Acid Coffee Beans on Amazon

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How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

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Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

You already know how we selected our favorite low acid coffees. In order to help you make a choice that suits your interests the best, we decided to also do individual overviews of our top choices, stating all important and interesting facts about each of them. So, get ready to discover the best low acid coffee beans online.

Café Britt Tarrazú, Tres Ríos & Poás

Price: $38.85 (subject to change)
Size: 36 oz (3 packs)
Type: Arabica
Roast: Medium, Light & Dark
Producer: Café Britt
Beans: Ground

The first on our list is Costa Rican Arabica coffee – This Costa Rican single-origin coffee comes from three of the country’s most recognized producing regions that are known for their high-quality beans. Tarrazu (province in Costa Rica) is well-known across the world for its full-bodied coffee with flavors of chocolate and citrus. Once you taste this coffee, you will immediately feel a honey-nut fragrance and flavors of cherry, allspice, and orange citrus.

The good news is that the pricing on Amazon is equivalent to purchasing directly from Cafe Britt in Costa Rica. While it is true that there are more options if ordering directly from Cafe Britt, this three-pack on Amazon matches my taste profile and is very simple to purchase – Additionally, it arrives in a day or two.

The brand behind this low acid instant coffee is Cafe Britt that was founded back in 1985 – It was one of the first gourmet coffee roasters in the world to be located in a coffee-producing nation. Because of their decades of knowledge, strong relationships with growers, and passion for quality, they are able to obtain the region’s best quality beans.

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Green Coffee Traders’ Jamaican Blue Coffee

Price: $38.00 (subject to change)
Size: 16 oz
Type: Arabica
Roast: Dark
Producer: Green Coffee Traders
Beans: Whole

This Jamaican Blue Coffee is one of my personal favorites. Before we talk more about the reasons behind this fact, let’s just discuss the brand itself. Founded in 1993, Green Coffee Traders specializes in obtaining the best green coffee from across the world and providing it to North American clients. Their coffee is warehoused in the United States and Canada, where they provide some of North America’s top boutique roasters with the finest unusual coffee options.

As for the quality of the coffee itself, this specific brand of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is excellent in my opinion! This brand’s coffee roasting method is pretty appealing to me – It’s fragrant and delicious. I make my coffee with a french press and ground the beans by hand. I simply use approximately 2 tablespoons for each cup to keep it light. I recommend storing these beans in a suitable container, away from light – That way, you will definitely get the best low acid coffee that will provide a lot to your coffee drinking experience.

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Cafe Kreyol Organic Haitian Hound

Price: $14,99 (subject to change)
Size: 12 oz
Type: Arabica
Roast: Dark
Producer: Cafe Kreyol
Beans: Whole

Cafe Kreyol Organic Haitian Hound is long roasted to caramelize the sugars found naturally in the bean, resulting in a rich, nuanced flavor. It comes with rich cocoa and toast flavors with a buttery mouthfeel and creamy body. This low acid organic coffee grows at high altitudes in North Haiti and is picked 3900 feet above sea level. Besides giving you a high-quality taste, by purchasing this coffee you will also be a socially responsible person! Being USDA organic and eco-friendly this product provides long-term employment for Haitian agricultural families.

As someone who typically uses cream and sugar, I was astounded at how much less of them I used! There’s no bitterness in this coffee, and it’s just very smooth. So, after purchasing it, you will get tons of benefits and features, including dark and rich chocolate flavor, sweet finish, and low acid. Additionally, it is produced in small batches and thoroughly tested to ensure the best quality. Besides that, you will also be supporting a great cause – The producer of this coffee offers long-term employment and opportunity for Haiti’s agricultural families.

My favorite thing about this coffee is that it is pretty affordable. Compared to other low acid coffees on the market it comes with a competitive price that will not disappoint you.

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Coffee Fool Nicaragua Matagalpa

Price: $3.82 (subject to change)
Size: 12 oz
Type: Arabica
Roast: Medium
Producer: Coffee Fool
Beans: Coarse Ground

Coffee Fool Nicaragua Matagalpa might not be the best choice on the market, however, if you are looking for a cheap version of low acid coffee, then this one was specially created for you. I, myself was amazed by the taste I got for such a low price. It’s believed that this big, rich, chocolaty coffee, grown fairly high up in the North-Central mountains, is commonly drunk by those that love traveling, but it is perfectly possible to brew it at home and still get an interesting and tasty cup of coffee.

From what I have seen, the producer of this coffee – Coffee Fool uses a lighter roasting method in order to bring out the inherent tastes of the bean. Additionally, there are no preservatives, sugar, gluten, or fat in this product, meaning that consuming it is safe and healthy.

For a 12 ounce package, you will just have to pay $3.82. Shipping is pretty fast and I got my product in less than 2 days. So, if you want to buy low acid coffee and not spend a lot of money on it, then you should definitely go for this one.

Check Price on Amazon

Aguacero Geisha

Price: $49.95 (subject to change)
Size: 12 oz
Type: Geisha
Roast: Light
Producer: Aguacero Coffee LLC
Beans: Whole

As you might have already guessed from the price, this is one of the highest quality coffees on Amazon, but not as good as the Hayman one shown above. This is the perfect option for people who are looking for exotic and unique specialty coffees.

You’ve also come to the correct choice if you’re searching for a fragrant, flowing, and smooth cup of coffee. I have noticed that it also has some chocolate undertones and for the finest brew, I recommend using cold filtered water. Additionally, keep in mind that roasted beans should be kept in a cool, dark area. I kept it on the lesser strength level on my coffee maker because the stronger option didn’t bring out the excellent tastes.

The company behind this low acid coffee online is Aguacero Coffee LLC – Through inspirational and sustainable initiatives, this brand allows coffee producers to create profit, enhance lives, and promote environmental stewardship.

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What Makes Coffee Acidic?

Coffee is mostly referred to as a beverage that is acidic, although it really has a pH of approximately five, making it less acidic than beverages such as soda, juices, and beer. When someone mentions acidity with coffee, they are referring to the presence of certain acids that impact the flavor of the coffee. The term “acidity” does not refer to the real acid level of food; rather, it refers to a taste note.

For instance, green coffee includes a wide range of acids, both beneficial and harmful. Some evaporate during the roasting process, while others do not, thus roasting is all about achieving the proper mix of acidity, body, and fragrance.

One type of acid is Chlorogenic Acids which are considered antioxidants. It is important to note that the longer a coffee is roasted, the lower the acidity. This is why many of today’s trendy lighter roasted coffees have a more pronounced acidity in their flavor profile.

Another important group of acids is Quinic Acids that are pretty significant in this beverage. The chlorogenic acids break down and create quinic acids while the coffee is roasted. These acids are responsible for a drink’s astringency, which causes people to experience a sour sensation in their stomach after drinking coffee.

How to Reduce Acidity in Your Coffee

So, while it is true that coffee has natural acids in it, not everyone enjoys drinking a coffee with too much acid in it – some people even experience stomach & headaches after taking drinks or foods that are acidic. Did you know that it is possible to reduce acidity in your coffee by yourself? This means that it is not necessary to buy special low acid coffee beans. Below, we will share the best methods for reducing acidity in your coffee.

Roast Your Beans For a Longer Time

The roasting method has a significant effect on the level of acidity. Because the roasting process neutralizes most of the acid in the beans, lighter roasts have more acidity than darker roasts. The only way to reduce acidity is to roast the beans yourself on a lower heat. If you prolong the roasting process, the chemicals that produce acidity in coffee beans fade away. Along with a longer duration of roasting, roasting at a high temperature will also help you – for instance, coffee roasted at 100 celsius, will be more acidic than coffee roasted at 200 celsius.

Grind Your Beans to a Finer Consistency

It is also a good idea to grind your beans to a finer consistency. Because of the smaller surface area, a coarse grind size will slow down the extraction rate. Because of extraction, using a coarse grind may result in a more acidic cup of coffee. The flavor and scent of coffee begin to permeate into the water the minute it comes into contact with it. You should always keep in mind that acidity is a specific sign of under-extracted coffee and will result in a sour flavor if your grind size is too rough or you brew for a shorter amount of time.

So, if you wish to have a sip of less acidic coffee, I highly recommend grinding finer. Otherwise, if you love more acidic coffee, then you can grind coarser.

Cold Brew Your Coffee

Did you know that a lot of coffee drinkers who suffer from acid reflux or other digestive system issues prefer to drink cold brews? There’s a reason behind this – With the help of this method the water used for extracting flavors from coffee beans is cold, which neutralizes the acidity and results in the best low acid coffee.

It is important to note that cold water does not remove the natural acids found in coffee. Acidity in coffee is often generated by the oils in coffee beans, and while hot water releases the acids, cold brewing does not. Unlike coffee produced with hot brewing, you may drink coffee with 70% less acid if you use the cold brewing method.

Add Milk or Cream to Your Coffee

If you are someone who prefers and enjoys coffee with additions, then we have some good news for you. Another great approach to reduce acid levels in your cup of coffee is to add milk or cream. These additives might assist to balance out the acidity. The calcium in these ingredients helps to balance the pH of the coffee, making it less acidic.

We need to mention the fact that this approach works best with dark roast coffee because light and medium roasts are very acidic and may not accept milk effectively. So, to increase the effectiveness of adding milk or cream, use dark roasted coffee.

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