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Tabi Coffee Beans – Hybrid From Colombia

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  • Flavor Profile: Mild acidity with full body and earthy flavor
  • Grown in: Colombia
Flavor Mild acidity with full body and earthy flavor
Grown In Colombia

For coffee production, Colombia’s mild temperature, volcanic soil, and high elevations are very suitable. One of the most popular types of coffee beans in the country is Tabi. They are a hybrid of the Timor and Caturra coffee varieties and typically grow at elevations ranging between 5500 and 6300 feet. The Tabi coffee is mostly treated with honey, which results in a cup that tastes something like orange marmalade.

Tabi is a coffee variety developed by Cenicafe in 2002 by crossing Bourbon, Timor, and Typica coffee varieties. It will be no surprise to say that these beans have the same quality qualities as Bourbon and Typica while also being more resistant to coffee leaf rust.

As for the taste, these beans have a fresh, clean crisp body that covers all your taste sensations, then evolves into honey and nut butter to satisfy your sweet tooth. Flavor profiles are rounded out with mango and butter biscuits. After each drink, expect that the sweetness in your cup will increase. These coffee beans are mostly produced in La Pradera farm which was created back in 1971 and since then has been known for cultivating high-quality Tabi coffee beans. In this guide, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this variety, so get ready.

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The Background Of Tabi Coffee Beans

In the middle of the 20th century, specifically in 1961, Coffee research institute CENICAFE in Colombia began testing Hibrido de Timor. After seven years later, the same organization began merging the Timor hybrid with the successful Caturra cultivar, a program that would be expanded throughout the 1970s.

The Colombia cultivar was created in 1982 as the result of five generations of breeding and backcrossing in the Catimor line to combine disease resistance with good cup quality and yield. However, things did not end here. For years, researchers searched for a genuinely resistant variety that didn’t compromise flavor. That’s why they even intensified their efforts in the 1990s.

CENICAFE introduced the Tabi coffee variety in the first two years of the 21st century. According to them, one of its most notable qualities is its resistance to coffee leaf rust, although it also exhibits the high cup quality characteristics of its Bourbon and Typica parents. Unlike Bourbon and Typica, Tabi’s fruits and seeds are much larger than those of Bourbon and Typica. It can be cultivated in great density as it produces up to 3,000 trees per one hectare and tolerates high elevations well. If you ever wondered why this variety is called Tabi, then you should know that Tabi means “excellent” in a native Colombian tribe’s dialect.

Best Tabi Coffee Brands To Buy Online

Some of you might be looking for ways to purchase Tabi coffee beans in order to have a sip of this unique type of coffee. While there are a lot of places in Colombia where Tabi coffee is available, you will still not be able to get them from another side of the world. Even if you can, it is related to a lot of headaches including logistics, payments, etc. That’s why the majority of coffee lovers purchase their favorite coffee online on Amazon, which gives customers the ability to get products with a single click. We have already done our research on the best Tabi coffee brands to buy online. Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy brands that sell Tabi beans on Amazon at this time. But we recommend checking our Colombia page to find at least some relevant options.

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