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All You Need To Know About Pache Coffee Beans – History & Other Guides

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  • Flavor Profile: High acidity with low bitterness and citrus undertones
  • Grown in: Central America
Flavor High acidity with low bitterness and citrus undertones
Grown In Central America

Have you ever heard of Pache coffee beans? Well, if not, then we are going to tell you everything about it in this guide. If you are someone who is looking for new types of coffees, then Pache coffee beans variety might be a great place to start. So, what is it exactly?

To put it in a few words, this is a compact plant with a medium yield and good quality, although it is prone to severe illnesses. These beans are a sub-variety of Typica coffee beans, which are a variety of Arabica beans themselves. It performs best at elevations above 3,900 feet and in places with fewer than 2,500 millimeters of rainfall per year. In Peru, an elevation of more than 4,500 feet is recommended. Pache commonly grows in Central American countries for example Guatemala. As for the taste, it has a very similar taste profile to Bourbon beans.

The coffee fruits are enormous, and the leaves are coarsely textured. Many people believe that the cup of Pache is smooth and flat. Let’s discover more about Pache coffee beans’ quality.

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The History Of Pache Coffee Beans

As we already mentioned, Pache is a sub-variety of Typica coffee beans. It comes in two varieties: Pache Comum and Pache Colis. Both thrive and yield effectively at elevations ranging from 3,500 to 6,500 feet.

As a natural mutation, dwarfism is caused in Pache coffee beans by a single gene in Typica and permits the plant to be planted more thickly and yield more. The variety was found in 1949 on the Brito farm in Santa Cruz Naranjo, Santa Rosa, Guatemala. It was then picked through mass selection, which means that a group of individuals is chosen based on their superior performance, seed from these plants is bulked to produce a new generation, and the process is repeated. Mass selection occurred on private farms in Guatemala, and it expanded to other areas and nations from there.

The majority of Pache coffee beans produced in Guatemala originate from big coffee cherries with strong leaves.

What Brews are Best to Make With Pache Beans?

There are a lot of different ways to brew your coffee. It may come down to your own preferences which one you decide to choose, however, we still would like to share brews that are best to make with Pache beans. It does not mean that you necessarily have to stick with them – You can always experiment and try different methods, however, from our personal experience, these ones listed down below produce the best taste when done with the best Pache coffee beans. So, make sure to check them out so you are able to find the taste that correlates with your interests the best.

Lungo – The Traditional Method

Lungo is a very common way to brew coffee in America, and it suits these beans perfectly due to their taste profiles and aroma. Lungo is commonly mistaken with Espresso as they share some similarities, however, the main difference is in the amount of water and the brewing time. Lungo uses double the amount of water so it might take a little bit longer to make it.

So, what should you expect from your cup of Lungo? The drink is not very strong but it definitely is bitter – Which may seem appealing to some. Others, however, find the bitterness of this type to be their least favorite of the espresso varieties. As for the caffeine, caffeine levels in Lungo can depend on the type of beans you use.

With Pache beans, you must expect that there will be more caffeine in your cup compared to a normal espresso shot. You can check out our guide for making a great Lungo that will enrich your coffee drinking experience.

Learn How To Make A Great Lungo

Espresso – Concentrated Flavors

With the existing citrus aroma, an Espresso brew could have a really nice acidic undertone reminiscent of lemon or lime when made with Pache beans. So, Espresso is a concentrated type of coffee that is delivered in short, powerful doses and serves as the foundation for many coffee beverages (such as Lungo, which we already discussed below). It’s manufactured from the same beans as coffee, but it’s stronger, thicker, and contains more caffeine. Espresso, on the other hand, has less caffeine per serving since it is generally served in smaller portions than other coffees.

Espresso contains all of the same tastes of coffee, but they are stronger—bitter, mildly sweet, and acidic. Brewing a perfect shot of Espresso might not be easy at first, as you have to keep a lot of things in mind when using an Espresso machine. However, after several tries, you will definitely be able to produce a cup of coffee that is going to be not only satisfactory to your needs, but good tasting as well. Check out our guide to learn to make an Espresso in a simple way.

Learn How to Make Espresso Here

Best Pache Coffee Brands To Buy Online

If you happen to be intrigued by Pache beans, it means that you want to look for Pache coffee beans online. I mostly buy my coffee products from Amazon, as it has a huge variety of high-quality products and additionally, you can get your coffee with a simple click in less than 24 hours, which sounds pretty exciting. We did our research on Pache beans and unfortunately, there is only one product on Amazon for sale right now, but it’s still pretty decent. We will be on the lookout for when new products get added to our list here. But if you want to see a bigger variety, we recommend visiting our Typica coffee bean page where the flavor of listed brands is very close to Pache coffee beans.

FosterHobbs Pache, Catuai, Caturra, and Catimor Blend

Price: $17.50 (subject to change)

Size: 12 oz

Type: Pache

Roast: Medium

Producer: FosterHobbs Coffee

Beans: Whole

The product we are going to review is FosterHobbs Pache, Catuai, Caturra, and Catimor Blend. This medium roast coffee is organic (completely safe to consume on a daily basis), and small-batch roasted in North Carolina. The company behind the product is FosterHobbs coffee founded back in 2012, committed to preserving natural resources and seeking pro-environmental advantages of coffee production.

While making a choice, a lot depends on Pache coffee beans review. I was pretty surprised that the majority of feedback by customers was positive, that’s why I decided to taste coffee myself and find out whether this product is actually worth your time and money. I definitely recommend trying this one as the coffee is very creamy and smooth. Within the first sip of your cup, you will be able to discover tones of chocolate – the product does not live a bitter aftertaste and additionally, can help you start your day happy and energized.

One 12-ounce package of FosterHobbs Pache costs $17.50 – These Pache coffee beans’ price is actually pretty good due to the fact that you will not be able to find other alternatives on Amazon. The product itself is high-quality – it comes with a nice packaging that has all the necessary information on it including facts about elevations, cup, varietal, farm/region, etc. You will also be able to see the roast date and make sure that the beans are delivered in a fresh manner.

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