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Americano vs Latte – What are The Differences?

Americanos and lattes both are espresso-based drinks that are widely ordered, and that is where the similarity ends. Let us expose you to the numerous distinctions if you are not aware of them or have never had the chance to try one or the other. You will be able to purchase confidently at your favorite bar once you understand the distinction.

If you need something to get you going, an Americano or latte might be a terrific alternative for different types of coffee drinkers. So keep reading to find out what the difference is or what drink is best for you.

Americano vs Latte – Comparing Ingredients

Although both of these beverages are members of the espresso group, there are more distinctions than similarities between an Americano as well as a latte. The components in these beverages vary. A latte is prepared with espresso and steamed milk, whereas an americano is prepared with espresso as well as hot water.

Americano coffee has a robust and strong flavor with a light consistency that is often served black. Latte, on the other hand, is created with espresso and heated milk, covered with microfoam, and has a deep, creamy aroma as well as a thicker, velvety texture. Let’s talk about Americano latte comparison and explain what kind of characteristics these beverages have.


The Americano is created by combining 1-2 shots of espresso with hot water. This no-milk option to drip coffee is fuller while maintaining the same basic and black flavor. Americanos are made in a 6-ounce cup. The suggested proportion ranges from half-and-half to 1/3 espresso and 2/3 water. Many chain coffee shops will make a drink that is closer to the latter, which would be weaker since it is more diluted.

Because an Americano just includes espresso and hot water, it contains fewer calories than a Caffè Latte. If the espresso is too powerful for you, but you always want to experience the fundamental taste profile of the beans used to make your coffee, request an Americano.


A latte is made up of three components: espresso (1/6 or 1-2 shots) + steamed milk (4/6 or 5-6 oz.) + milk foam (1/6 or a thin upper surface). This beverage is ultra-creamy and typically characterized as having a silky feel due to the milk.

The name “latte” is derived from the Italian phrase caffé latte, which means “milk coffee” and is an apt moniker for this dairy-based drink. It is usually served in an 8-ounce cup and provides a softer, but still caffeinated, wake-up than the more forceful Americano.

Espresso and heated milk are used to make the Latte. A small layer of froth is then added on top (around 1 cm, 0.4 in). Instead, a single or two espresso shots are diluted with hot water to make an Americano.

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