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Best Siphon Coffee Makers to Buy Online in 2021

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Few people are familiar with a siphon, but it is the siphon that allows you to reveal the most subtle flavor nuances of the drink and get an exceptionally clean and complex cup. In appearance, the siphon resembles laboratory equipment, so for the majority, it is not immediately clear how coffee can be brewed in it.

The siphon was not only popular in many European countries, but also penetrated the United States, where the first patent for a vacuum coffee maker was filed in 1894. Today, siphons are once again gaining popularity among gourmets, coffee connoisseurs and baristas. The rebirth of vacuum coffee makers is primarily due to the excellent quality of the resulting drink. The siphon allows you to extract the full flavor and aroma. Today, siphoned coffee can be found in many coffee shops and bars.

It is not for nothing that well-known Asian companies are the best manufacturers of quality siphons on the market. Asia is the birthplace of tea and many Asian gourmets cannot imagine their life without tea in a siphon. Siphon is simply irreplaceable for brewing. You can brew almost any coffee in the siphon and create unique drinks.

With proper care, siphons will last for many years. Keep the coffee siphon disassembled to avoid odors. In the same way as coffee, tea can be brewed in the siphon.

Top 5 Siphon Coffee Makers on Amazon

Siphons are useful for making coffee and they can provide great assistance. We have specifically compiled a list for you where you can see top 5 siphon coffee makers on Amazon. They are produced by notable brands and come with great quality. Of course we will also provide unbiased feedback and why we have decided to choose them.

How We Rated Them

We pay attention to the following:

For more detailed information on how exactly we rate the coffee products we suggest in our guides, click here.

Individual Overviews of Our Top Choices

You can always look for additional information and reviews by users on different websites, but being coffee lovers ourselves we have decided to provide short overviews of each product. We have purchased these devices ourselves and want to offer individual overviews. Let’s explore what makes these siphon coffee makers so special.

Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon

Price: $59.98 (subject to change)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 1.2 Liters

Size: 16.61 x 7.56 x 5.75 inches

Weight: 2.7 Pounds

Producer: Kendal

Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon is an opportunity to turn coffee into an exquisite show and enjoy an amazingly pure drink. It is a siphon that allows you to fully reveal the taste of coffee. The coffee in Kendal siphons turns out to be unexpectedly rich in taste and harmonious. And this is not surprising, because siphons from this brand are famous and well designed.

I think that this product combines the best traditions and the latest innovations in the production of siphons. It has a more comfortable handle, improved flask shape, and improved filter. In addition, high-quality silicone has replaced the plastic in these siphons. Additionally, it is made of high-quality stainless steel material.

To make coffee, pour water into the lower flask, secure the upper flask, and light the burner. The water in the lower flask heats up and turns into a vaporous state, seeping into the upper container. After the top flask is sufficiently filled with hot water, you can add freshly ground coffee and remove the burner from the siphon. It is a very practical, stylish, and convenient siphon that allows you to get great coffee – very rich in taste, aromatic & clean.

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Yama Siphon 8 Cup

Price: $58.00 (subject to change)

Material: Glass

Capacity: 8 Cups

Size: 8 x 8 x 11 inches

Weight: 2.4 pounds


Another siphon that really got my attention is the device from Yama Glass known for its unique design and features. The Yama Siphon 8 Cup is a universal device! It is not only suitable for brewing coffee but tea, mulled wine, fruit cocktails, and even broths! So, you can have an enjoyable experience with different kinds of drinks.

For me, the coffee made in the Yama Glass siphon has the most harmonious and full taste. Plus, siphoning coffee is undoubtedly the most entertaining way to brew your favorite drink. The whole process resembles magic with living fire and water, and the result is able to surprise even refined coffee gourmets.

In the manufacture of the abovementioned siphon, the famous heat-resistant glass is used. The maximum volume of a drink that can be prepared in the siphon is 8 cups.

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Belgian Luxury Royal Balance Syphon Coffee

Price: $193.00 (subject to change)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 16 ounces

Size: 16.05 x 15 x 6.25 inches

Weight: 7.25 Pounds

Producer: Gladiator Coffee

Belgian siphons are distinguished by careful finishing of parts, which has a positive effect on the usability and reliability of the gadgets of this brand. One of the most important elements of the siphon design – the flasks – is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to high temperatures.


In addition, the flasks will retain their shine and transparency no matter what kind of drink you prepare: coffee or tea.

Every time you brew your favorite coffee or tea, you enjoy the color of the drinks. The increased distance between the siphon handle and the lower flask will eliminate the contact of the hand and the hot flask, which, alas, happens when using conventional siphons.

The lid of the upper flask has a special design: after you have finished making tea/coffee, the upper flask can be installed in the lid and avoid contamination of the tabletop.

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Diguo Belgian Family Balance Siphon

Price: $146.00 (subject to change)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 17 ounces

Size: 17.09 x 13.94 x 5.91 inches

Weight: 5.88 Pounds

Producer: Diguo

Diguo Belgian Family Balance Siphon is a famous device known for its quality, tradition, elegant design, and many years of research, which has found its expression in the form of a vacuum device for making coffee. The siphon is designed for brewing coffee, turning the process of preparing a drink into a magical action based on a simple physical effect – the ability of the gas to expand and contract.

Brewing a drink in a siphon creates a unique atmosphere of coziness – this serving option can be safely called a modern ceremony that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to entertainment, making coffee in a siphon is of practical importance. Specific conditions for brewing allow the coffee to maximize the beneficial substances and taste in the drink, as well as prepare a tea cocktail by mixing herbal, fruit, and berry ingredients.

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Nispira Belgian Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon

Price: $139.99 (subject to change)

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 17 ounces

Size: 12.2 x 5 x 15.74 inches

Weight: 5.3 Pounds

Producer: Nispira

Nispira Belgian Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon has long been a recognized leader in the manufacture of gadgets for manual coffee brewing. The device has a new, more modern design. All parts of the siphon have been improved – the handle has become more comfortable in shape, the shape of the flasks and even the filter have changed. In addition to the traditional fabric filter, you can use the reusable metal filter included in the package.

It is generally said that this siphon is one of the best ways to reveal the flavor of the coffee. From my experience, I can say that the coffee made using this siphon is always tasty – the ones that have not tasted drinks made by this device will definitely be able to enrich their experience by tasting something very unique and different.

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How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

The siphon consists of two glass vessels – an upper and a lower one, between which a rubber gasket is installed. The upper vessel is a glass flask with a tube practically reaching the bottom of the lower vessel. Water is poured into the lower vessel and a burner is placed under the siphon.

The water in the lower vessel heats up, its molecules expand and become gaseous, increasing the pressure in the lower vessel. Due to the increase in pressure, water begins to rise to the top of the siphon. Now you can add coffee to the upper vessel, stir and let it infuse, then turn off the burner under the siphon. After turning off the burner, the temperature drops, and the water molecules narrow, which leads to a drop in pressure below atmospheric and creates a vacuum, due to which water is sucked back into the lower vessel, leaving the coffee grounds in the upper one. The drink tastes very delicate and soft, but at the same time, it is pure and complex.

The siphon was very popular, so the coffee brewing tool was often improved, and even counterfeited. Already in the middle of the 20th century, the Japanese began to use a siphon for making tea.

How to Use a Syphon Coffee Maker

At first glance, it is completely unclear how our favorite aromatic drink is prepared in this transparent device. But after a couple of uses, you will see that making coffee this way is not a hassle task at all.

So how do you use a siphon coffee maker? There are two popular methods:

Method 1

  1. Pour water into the lower flask up to the mark.
  2. Install the top.
  3. If you install a filter in the upper flask, it is advisable to pour boiling water over it before that.
  4. Put ground coffee in the second flask. It will fit right on the filter, don’t be confused by that. Then close the lid.
  5. Light the heating element.
  6. When heated, the water flows through the tube into the upper reservoir and begins to boil in it.
  7. After waiting a minute or two, remove the heating element.
  8. The coffee goes down the pipe into the lower flask. It is this moment that makes the preparation of coffee in a siphon spectacular.
  9. Remove the upper part, remove the lower part and pour the drink into cups.

Method 2

  1. Pour water into the lower flask.
  2. Install the upper part of the device, remove the cover.
  3. Put the incendiary element and wait for the moment when most of the liquid will be displaced into the upper reservoir.
  4. After that, pour the coffee powder into boiling water and stir with a long spoon or wooden stick.
  5. Let the infusion boil for another minute, and remove the heating element.
  6. The coffee flows into the lower container.
  7. Remove the top, carefully pull out the lower flask from the mount, and pour the drink.

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