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Macchiato vs Latte – What are The Differences?

You are seated at the countertop of your favorite coffee shop, contemplating which coffee drink to purchase. With terms like macchiato and latte, it is indeed easy to become overwhelmed, eventually reverting to your standard order.

Milk-based coffee beverages, for even the most part, are very similar. The major distinction between the drinks is the milk-to-espresso ratio. The primary difference between a macchiato and a latte is that a macchiato is just espresso and heated milk. A latte is a combination of espresso, hot milk, and foamed milk. Sure, it sounds straightforward enough, doesn’t it? Let’s go into additional specifics.

Macchiato vs Latte – Comparing Ingredients

While talking about Macchiato vs Latte it should be noted that the ingredients used in those drinks are different. So, what’s the main distinction between a macchiato and a latte coffee drink? A macchiato is primarily espresso with a small amount of steamed or foamed milk. A latte, on the contrary, includes espresso however is primarily made of steamed milk, which gives it a creamy texture.

The primary variances, like with most espresso-based drinks, come down to the ratios inside. A latte has more steamed milk than espresso but a macchiato has more espresso than steamed milk.


A macchiato is a beverage significantly stronger than a latte, with more intense aromas and caffeine. Macchiato is noticed in Italian. This refers to the usual spot on the surface of the drink, which is due to a barista who pours espresso into a little steamed milk and leaves an espresso on the milk. This beverage is generally served in an espresso cup of 2-3 oz. Macchiatos may be several things outside of Italy.

The macchiato nowadays is typically not like the delicious spotted espresso of Rome from a tall, milk-forward drink (which is simply a latte drink) towards something filled with tonnes of caramel. If you order a macchiato in a classic coffee store like The Roasterie, then you can anticipate a thick, tasty espresso with just a little milk.


Latte is more of a milky coffee beverage than a classic macchiato or caffe latte in Italian. The espresso is surmounted with hot milk, generally then surmounted with sparkling milk. Although classic macchiatos feel expressive, lattes frequently taste very much like milk than otherwise, which is why coffee shops provide a wide variety of lattes. There is no end to possibilities for sorts of bottles, from tastes like hazelnut cream to alternative milk such as oat and almond.

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