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What is Nitro Coffee and How Can You Make it at Home?

Nitro coffee is a pretty self-explanatory name. It’s a cold brew coffee infused with Nitrogen and is quite popular in cafes. Nitrogen gas, which is also utilized in beer variations, produces tiny bubbles in the coffee, giving it a rich and creamy texture. One of the primary advantages of nitro coffee is that it has almost 25% more caffeine than ordinary drip coffee. Some believe that nitrogen gas helps your body absorb caffeine faster, allowing you to receive your caffeine in a quick manner.

It is important to note that while making nitro coffee, you should pay attention to what kind of gas you use. Most people make the mistake of using a mixture of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide when they need to be using pure Nitrogen gas and nothing more.

For now, let’s get to the guide as soon as we can and talk about the details a bit later. Here’s what you need to do:

What Does a Nitro Coffee Taste Like?

Nitro coffee is fizzy and pretty creamy. People say it’s a bit more acidic when you first try it as well, sort of reminiscent of really good quality dark beer or ale. When I tried it, my immediate reaction was: “Guinness!”. Yeap, if you’ve ever had Guinness beer, then Nitro will most likely remind you of it when you first try it. Nitro cold brew coffee is smoother, less acidic and harsh, and somewhat more caffeinated than regular iced coffee.

Recommended Machines to Use for Making Nitro

If you are already intrigued by this type of coffee and want to make nitro coffee at home, then keep reading! Having the finest nitro coffee machine allows you to have a nitro cold brew at home anytime you want, helping you to save both – money and time. We believe that you are not looking for nitro machines every day, and considering the fact, there are not many options on the market, your selection might be more difficult because you have fewer options. But don’t worry as we have got you covered. As we need to make a cold brew so here’s what you’ll need:

Cold Brew Machine – Most Widespread Method

This approach elevates the conventional cold brew by injecting nitrogen throughout it, creating an intense, frothy, cascading effect like how bars serve stout. The advantage of brewing nitro coffee with a cold brew machine is that it produces a thick, creamy coffee without the need for sugar or other types of sweeteners. As a consequence, you get a healthier and more delightfully rich cup of coffee.

This leads us to nitro cold brew coffee machines for household usage. These gadgets will save you a lot of money over time since instead of going to coffee shops to enjoy a wonderful brew, you can prepare it at home with a lot of less amount of money.

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Stovetop – Fast & Easy

Making nitro coffee at home is super fast and easy with a stovetop. With this method, you just brew the grinds with a stovetop and then filter them multiple times to remove any of the residues. After filtering, your coffee is ready to transform into nitro coffee. This is best served cold, although some people prefer it hot as well. Pour the hot or cold brewed coffee into your whipped cream container or mini-keg and set it aside to cool.

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What Beans are Recommended for Making Nitro?

When making nitro coffee, we recommend using only 100% Arabica beans. Since Nitrogen enhances the acidity of the coffee quite a lot, it is best to use beans that are much less in natural acidity. Take these ideas into account if you want to have the greatest Nitro possible: Make use of gritty beans. Begin with a finely ground bean. If your coffee lacks the taste you like, gradually grind it down to a finer grain until you get the flavor profile that suits your tastes the best. Below, you can see coffee the list of coffee beans that work best with your cup of nitro coffee:

Jamaican Coffee Beans Panama Coffee Beans Hawaii Coffee Beans Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Top Bean Types for Making Nitro

Choosing the finest coffee for nitro from the vast array of choices might not be an easy task. So, to help you start, we’ve narrowed it down and shared some of the best coffee beans for consistently great-tasting coffee. The majority of nitro coffee-making tips that you can come across suggest using these beans listed below.

I, myself have tried all of them with my cup of nitro coffee and I can guarantee that they taste absolutely delicious! You can easily find each of these bean types on Amazon and get it in less than 24 hours (in case you use Amazon Prime just like me).

Bourbon Geisha Arabica

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Nitro

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