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What Is a Mazagran and How Do You Make It?

Mazagran coffee is generally made with strong, hot coffee that is poured over ice. While it is true that you might not come across this drink in a lot of places around you, it is perfectly possible to easily make mazagran at home.

Let’s get to the guide as soon as we can and talk about the details a bit later. Here’s what you need to do.

Recommended Machines to Use for Making Mazagran

Everyone has their own favorite tool for making their own favorite type of coffee. Considering the fact that you have to brew an Espresso in order to prepare Mazagran coffee, there are a lot of different methods that you can choose from. Another good news is that you can experiment with different machines until you find a preferred one.

Below, I will share the methods that I think are the best and have tested myself. We will discuss them in more detail so you are able to identify the one that suits your interests and needs the best. Let’s go!

Espresso Machine – Most Widespread Method

The most widespread method of brewing espresso is using Espresso machines. However, it is important to note that making excellent espresso might be a challenging task in the beginning. It is necessary to have wonderful coffee beans, an outstanding brewing method, as well as a decent and clean espresso machine and grinder.

Once you brew your coffee, you need to pour it over a glass full of ice, then add lemon juice, sugar, and if you want – rum. Homemade mazagran will not be very different from the ones served in cafes or other places, as they mostly use espresso machines – much like you will be doing.

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French Press – Simple & Cheap Version

If you are looking for a simple and cheap version of making Mazagran at home, then you should definitely go for French Press. The main reason why French Press is used by the majority of coffee lovers is that it produces earthy and rich flavor in your everyday cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that the secret is in the grind – You should always select a medium grind as the coarse ones might block the filter and make the overall results not very satisfying. Once you brew your coffee using French Press, you need to follow the same steps as we described in the previous, Espresso machine method.

French Press Coffee Makes List

Moka Pot – Espresso on a Budget

Mazagran preparation can be super cheap with Moka Pot. This is an alternative for inexpensive Espresso – A Moka pot is a big vessel that resembles a pitcher. It’s constructed of metal and creates a kind of mock-espresso coffee. Making coffee with this device is actually very simple.

All you need to do is fill the bottom chamber of your Moka Pot with water, and then fill the funnel with coffee. Connect two parts of your device, and place it on the stove over medium heat. As the water starts boiling, and you start hearing the gurgling sounds – your coffee is ready. Once the coffee is done, you can follow the steps described above in the Espresso Machine method.

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What Beans are Recommended for Making Mazagran?

So, the Mazagran recipe should always include recommended beans for making the drink, otherwise, you might end up with coffee that does not taste very good. While it is true that there are plenty of options available for you, from my experience I would recommend using only 100% Arabica beans.

Additionally, since we are adding quite a lot of acidity with the lemon juice, it’s best if we go for beans that are much much lower in acidity. Countries that produce these kinds of beans are:

Jamaican Coffee Beans Panama Coffee Beans Hawaii Coffee Beans Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Top Bean Types for Making Mazagran

Naming countries that produce coffee beans might not be enough for you to figure out the best type of beans for the Mazagran brewing recipe. In fact, there is a lot depended on the type of beans you use, as they have a huge impact on the taste of your coffee. So, below in the chart, you can check out specific beans that are the best when brewing Mazagran.

If you can’t find them near you, I recommend looking them up on Amazon, where it is possible to easily buy them with just one click. Additionally, if you decide to use Amazon Prime, you will get your product in less than a day, which sounds pretty exciting, right?

Bourbon Geisha Arabica

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Mazagran

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