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What Is French Roast Coffee?

Have you ever heard of French Roast coffee? Well, if not, then you have been missing out on a lot! French roast coffee is a popular and preferred type among different types of coffee consumers. This dark-roasted coffee has a smokey sweetness and a burnt flavor. As a result, some coffee connoisseurs mostly refer to it as ‘burnt’ coffee.

French roast coffee is one of several coffee roasts designated by a certain region’s roasting technique. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was popular throughout most of Europe. Today, the word is most commonly used to describe nearly any dark-roasted coffee.

With the majority of French roast coffee reviews, you will find them classified as a double roast. This is a type of dark roasted coffee that has a strong and smoky-sweet flavor, as well as a thin body and texture. So, this might be a perfect choice for people that love strong coffee without additional sweetness added to it. French roast coffee generally comes with low acidity. This is great news for people that have health problems related to high acidity (such as headaches, or stomach aches) and they can freely consume it without having to worry about the consequences. It frequently has a burnt, charcoal-like aroma.

Many individuals believe that French roast coffee is practically burned yet still delicious. Some coffee specialists consider it burned because they prefer the flavor of the beans themselves. If you want to know French Roast coffee how to recipe – don’t worry, it is nothing too complicated, meaning that it’s just like any other coffee drink. However, it is important to note that these beans are mostly used for drip-brewed coffee. They also create a good, strong espresso when made in a ‘French press‘. Additionally, you may even use a popcorn popper but you must be careful and don’t do it on a frequent basis, otherwise, the popper will break. When the beans are heated in your preferred vessel, the originally green beans will turn yellow as they are subjected to heat.

As we already mentioned, the roast’s darkness effectively eliminates any traces of the original flavor – That’s why several firms utilize lower-quality beans for their French roasts. The goal is to disguise the low-quality coffee flavor with a strong roasted flavor. As a result, the coffee is rather revolting. You may prevent this problem to some extent by purchasing from companies you trust, particularly those that take care to roast only healthy, delicious beans that are constantly monitored during the roasting process.

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