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Flat White vs Latte – What are The Differences?

When it comes to Latte and Flat White, one would say that they definitely share some similarities. For instance, the composition in these two must always include milk and milk foam. Telling the difference between Flat White and Latte is not hard, however, we still would like to talk about the most important things, so next time you visit a coffee shop, you will know exactly what to look for.

Flat White vs Latte – Comparing Ingredients

Despite the generality of preparation, these drinks differ in proportions, method of preparation, and most importantly – taste. Let’s dwell on each option in more detail and consider how latte and flat white differ from each other, how much it affects the taste, and what is better to order in a coffee shop.

Flat White

The opposite of a latte is flat white. Of all the milk and coffee drinks, this particular type has the richest coffee taste. The fact is that when preparing flat white, dishes of a standard volume are used, as for cappuccino (150-180 ml), but a double portion of the espresso is taken. And the remaining volume of the dishes is filled with milk and a thin (no more than 1/4 cm) layer of milk foam. So flat white is for those who prefer coffee with milk, but most of all appreciate the very taste of coffee.


Latte is the most voluminous coffee-based beverage and contains the largest amount of milk. It can be safely recommended to those people who do not really like a pronounced coffee taste but love creamy shades. For serving lattes, dishes with a volume of almost twice as much are used as for cappuccino – from 250 to 300 ml. But there is only one serving of espresso. Thus, milk takes up a significant proportion of the volume in the cup. But it is worth noting that the height of the foam in a latte is about 0.5 cm.

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