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Breve vs Latte – What are The Differences?

If you like coffee, you’ve definitely heard of lattes, which are one of the world’s most popular espresso beverages. A caffè breve is a less frequent beverage to appear on a menu. It is known by two names: breve latte and caffè breve. So, what is the main difference between breve and latte? Keep on reading our article to discover important facts about these two types of coffee.

Breve vs Latte – Comparing Ingredients

A latte is likely to be regarded as the more popular of the two beverages. With so many different flavors to choose from, the possibilities might seem limitless. The sort of milk or cream used in a breve versus a latte is the main difference. Steamed milk, generally whole milk, and espresso are combined to make a latte. Instead of milk, a breve is made with espresso and steamed half-and-half. So, what exactly is half-and-half?

It is made with half whole milk and half light cream. It typically includes 10-12 percent fat, making it the ideal addition to your morning coffee if you’re seeking a creamy boost.


This beverage is an adaptation of the Italian cappuccino. If you are interested in breve recipe difference from latte, then you should know that it’s equally as easy to make as a latte because it just contains two ingredients. It is an espresso-based drink prepared using half-and-half rather than milk. To prepare a caffè breve, the half-and-half is frothed and mixed with espresso. Because the crème used in it has a greater fat content, the coffee tastes creamier than the latte. Although any sort of milk may be used to produce breve, the taste might vary depending on the milk.


To create a traditional latte, you only need two ingredients: espresso and heated milk. A latte begins with espresso shots, followed by a substantial amount of steamed milk, generally with a thin layer of froth on top. Lattes are available in quantities ranging from six to twenty ounces, so you may have as much or as little as you like. Because of the milk, the latte has a smooth texture (that’s why it is considered breve stronger than a latte) and a lot of espresso flavor without being overwhelming. The greatest thing is that lattes may be flavored with a variety of tastes, such as hazelnut or caramel, to make them exactly right for you.

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