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Ruiru 11 Coffee Variety – Arabica Sub-Species

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Ruiru 11

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  • Flavor Profile: Bright acidity with a full body and very strong fruity flavor
  • Grown in: Kenya
Flavor Bright acidity with a full body and very strong fruity flavor
Grown In Kenya

Ruiru 11 coffee beans are a hybrid of the Catimor and the SL-28 coffee varieties along with many others. They are commonly grown in Kenya.

Ruiru 11 is a small, high-yielding cultivar created in Kenya to enable more intense crop growth with less disease and insect losses. In 1985, the Ruiru 11 cultivar was released. The prefix “Ruiru” refers to the site of the Kenyan Coffee Research Station, in which the cultivar was produced. The title is completed by two more different codes, 11. The very first code number identifies the variety’s kind as a one-way crossing among two defined parent groups, and the second number indicates the distribution sequence, in this instance the initial release.

Ruiru 11 is cultivated at a frequency of 2500/3300 trees per hectare, compared to 1300 trees per hectare for conventional types. This equates to more output per unit of land area. The cultivar enters harvest earlier, resulting in the early realization of advantages for producers. The quality of the product as a significant marketing component was also considered in the creation of Ruiru 11. Ruiru 11 was created with excellent qualities comparable to the conventional variations because the quality of the conventional forms had already been famous among Kenyan coffee lovers.

In This Ruiru 11 coffee beans review, we are going to further explain the history of Ruiru 11 coffee beans. On top of that, we will further talk about the important details related to these coffee beans including the brands to buy online.

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The History Of Ruiru 11 Coffee Beans

While talking about the Ruiru 11 coffee beans, we should also mention what its history of development was like. Ruiru 11 arose from a coffee berry disease (CBD) pandemic in 1968, which resulted in the loss of 50% of Kenya’s crop. The situation prompted action. In the 1970s, the coffee research facility at Ruiru, which gave rise to the name Ruiru 11, launched an aggressive breeding effort for CBD-resistant varieties. This resulted in the creation of Ruiru 11, which was published in 1985.

Producers were intent on developing a compact variation suitable for extensive planting while retaining the exceptional cup performance as well as characteristics of the tall types prevalent in Africa. Producers spend several years combining numerous progenitors to develop what they term a complex hybrid, which combines the greatest characteristics of each of the selected progenitors. This work led to the development of Ruiru’s male progenitor. Ruiru 11’s complicated hybrid male parent’s selected progenitors gave CBD tolerance as well as high cup texture.

The tall male highly complex parent is crossed with both the compact Catimor female parent as the last stage in the development of Ruiru 11. Ruiru 11’s compact size and resilience to coffee leaf rust and CBD are the product of this set of brothers. This ultimate cross resulted in hybrid vigor and, as a result, excellent yield. The resultant seeds create a group of siblings, which are combined and supplied to farmers. This is known as a composite cultivar.

Overall, it can be said that Ruiru 11 is a coffee scientist’s achievement, the result of years of labor crossing the taste SL28 with variations that integrate Robusta resistance to disease and also the genetic integrity of the other arabica types.

Best Ruiru 11 Coffee Brands To Buy Online

Do you find this unusual and intriguing kind of coffee appealing? If yes, it is natural that you would want to know where you can find the greatest Ruiru 11 coffee brands. Getting coffee straight from Kenya is difficult. It is associated with a number of issues, including transportation, pricing, and so on. Amazon is a site where you can locate many varieties of coffee and order them in less than a day with a single click. To save you time, we have already done our research on the Ruiru 11 coffees that are offered there.

Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy brands that sell Ruiru 11 coffee beans on Amazon at this time. But we recommend checking our SL-28 or SL-34 coffee pages. You can also have a look at our Kenya page to find at least some relevant options.

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