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So you are at home, you just bought a bag of coffee, and you simply can not wait to smell the lovely, crisp scent wafting through your home as the beans are brewed. You open your coffee bag, glance down….and horror. You purchased coffee beans instead of coffee grounds! Oh my goodness! You need a […]

Hello and welcome to my AeroPress tutorial. Let’s leave the technicalities for another time and simply go through the procedures you need to do to flawlessly AeroPress your coffee: Put your AeroPress upside down, with the smaller component on the tabletop and the larger piece linked to the plunger and fully open. Hot water should […]

Heya, welcome to my French Press guide. Let’s save the details for later and for now just go through the steps you need to follow to perfectly French Press your coffee: Step 1: Grind your coffee first if you have it in whole bean form Step 2: Don’t use instant coffee (just trust me on […]

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