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Sidra Coffee Beans – Single Origin Variety From Brazil

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  • Flavor Profile: Flashy acidity with deep chocolate and cocoa flavor
  • Grown in: Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia
Flavor Flashy acidity with deep chocolate and cocoa flavor
Grown In Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia

Have you ever heard of Sidra coffee beans? This is a single origin variety from Brazil, however, its plants can also be found in other countries as well including Colombia and Ecuador. These locations seem to have a perfect environment for cultivating Sidra with enough rainfall and shadow to contribute a lot to the overall production process. For instance, Ecuador produces around 400,000 pounds of Sidra each year – it can mostly be found in the Pichincha region on a tiny farm. It grows at high altitudes, somewhere between 3500 and 4000 feet above sea level.

Sidra coffee variety can mostly be found at a premium price, as many roasters are seeking this particular coffee. To put it in a few words, these beans are a hybrid of the Bourbon and Typica coffee varieties, which are varieties of Arabica beans themselves. It will not be a surprise to say that Sidra combines the best of these two types into one hybrid. Your cup of coffee will be a combination of Red Bourbon’s sweetness and Typica’s brightness and acidity.

All in all, drinking Sidra is a pretty unique experience – this is an above-average bean from one of the most obscure regions of the world. If you want to know more about it, make sure to read the rest of our article.

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The Background Of Sidra Coffee Beans

One of the most intriguing changes in Ecuadoran soil has been the introduction of a new cultivar known as Sidra. These coffees can exhibit highly distinct fruity, flowery flavors as a result of a hybrid between a Bourbon and a Typica variety (both of which are genetically quite closely related). Produced at higher altitudes and processed properly, Sidra coffee shines out on the cupping table, and it has the potential to position Ecuador into the spotlight as a specialty coffee producer.

These beans can easily be identified at the farm by their robust, confident appearance, dark green foliage, and tight cherry nodes. The cup has a crisp pear and apple flavor. For us, malic acid, a fresh green acidity, takes center stage. The tangy, refreshing qualities of white wines and Granny Smith apples come to mind when tasting your cup of coffee. It also has flowery honeysuckle-like characteristics and appears to have a high phosphoric acid content, resulting in a juicy, delicious tactile feeling.

It is important to note that Sidra coffee beans have the best taste in a form of light roast coffee. The good news is that it is not difficult to roast – Because this bean has such a wide variety of roasting profiles and finishing temperatures, the process can be described as pretty easy. It is important that coffee loses its sweetness and flowery aromas as it gets darker, so this is something to keep in mind. There is a greater depth with lighter roasts, but they tend to be too flowery and not as creamy as darker roasts. With the middle roast, Sidra has a smooth, creamy silky mouthfeel with mild acidity and a rose petal scent, as well as a note of lemon in the background.

Best Sidra Coffee Brands To Buy Online

When it comes to these beans, purchasing Sidra coffee might not be as easy as one would imagine. Of course, Sidra is available in countries where it is produced, however, getting it directly from these locations is related to a lot of headaches including payments, logistics, etc. An easy and comfortable way of buying them is through the internet and Amazon is a great place for it. On the website, you have the possibility to get your favorite beans with one simple click. We have already done our research on the top Sidra coffee brands to buy online.

Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy brands that sell Sidra beans on Amazon at this time. But we highly recommend checking our Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia pages to find at least some relevant options.

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