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Kinyovu Coffee Variety – Heirloom Coffee Beans From Burundi

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$ 10

  • Flavor Profile: High in acidity with a plethora of fruity notes such as berries and even citrus
  • Grown in: Burundi
Flavor High in acidity with a plethora of fruity notes such as berries and even citrus
Grown In Burundi

One of the most interesting types of coffee that you can come across is the Kinyovu coffee variety. This is a single-origin coffee that is only cultivated in Burundi, meaning that you will not be able to find its plants in another location. The good news about it is the fact that such coffee gives customers the chance to enjoy a unique taste. With Kinyovu, acidity, aroma, and flavor are frequently more prominent than in other balanced and mellowed mixes.

To put it in a few words, Kinyovu coffee beans are a variety of Arabica commonly grown in Burundi. It is mostly cultivated by a group of small-holder growers in Burundi’s Kayanza area. Often, a farmer will only have up to 50 coffee trees on his or her land. Every morning, the coffee cherries are selected, sorted, and sent to the washing stations in the afternoon and early evening. Each farmer’s delivery occurs on a daily basis, resulting in micro-lots that can be traced back to a single hill. In the cup, the effects of such a care procedure are quite amazing.

The typical elevations for Kinyovu are somewhere between 5500-6200 feet above sea level. The cup contains cherry and lime flavors that are vibrant and rich, with a honey-like sweetness in the aftertaste.

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The Background Of Kinyovu Coffee Beans

Central Africa’s Burundi is a tiny, landlocked nation. Near the Rwandan border, the majority of coffee is cultivated in the mountainous region of the country’s northern highlands. Even though it is more recognized in Europe than the United States, Burundi coffee has a great reputation because of the ideal growing circumstances and vast plantings of the heritage Bourbon Arabica variety.

One important and exciting thing about Kinyovu coffee beans is the fact that cherries are farmed in a high-altitude microclimate by women alongside bananas, tea, and cassava trees. Women and men from the coffee business have formed a relationship with a non-profit organization to provide them with education about quality coffee production, from tree care through harvesting. A portion of the money that special organizations pay to these farmers helps produce high-quality coffee that is recognized on the worldwide market. Their family, especially their children, benefit from these payments since they give new economic prospects and a higher quality of coffee. Considering all of these things, it will be no surprise to say that by tasting Kinyovu coffee beans, you will definitely enrich your coffee drinking experience with a high-quality product. On average, there are approximately 35,000 ounces of Kinyovu coffee exported per year.

According to the description of most coffee lovers this coffee is able to earn high marks in every area, including taste and appearance. Kinyovu comes with flowery acidity which is balanced by chocolate and vanilla taste, accompanied by a very smooth texture.

Best Coffee Brands on Amazon

If you want to purchase Kinyovu coffee variety beans, you might have to look in a lot of places. The most comfortable way of getting the product is through the internet. I mostly buy my coffee from Amazon as you can get your coffee with one simple click. We have already done our research on the best Kinyovu coffee brands available on Amazon. Unfortunately, there is only 1 trustworthy brand available right now, so make sure to check it out.

Burundi Kinyovu Air Roasted

Price: $$13.99 (subject to change)

Size: 12 ounces

Type: Kinyovu

Roast: Medium

Producer: Airis Store

Beans: Whole

Burundi Kinyovu Air Roasted has been verified by the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (also known as IWCA). In fact, it is a very special product as it aims to support and develop the network of self-organized, self-governing, women-led chapters across the world. Another special thing about Kinyovu coffee is its advanced air-roasting technology. It allows the company to create the most evenly-roasted beans without burning or scorching.

Those who love coffees with a burned roast flavor may not enjoy this one. The roasting procedure does not mask the coffee’s tastes. Being medium-bodied, it’s a smooth cup of coffee with distinct, natural flavors that you can truly taste. I would recommend brewing this one with the pour-over method as with it, you will actually be able to taste tropical fruit and apricot notes. Additionally, it is also a good idea to try cold brew, as I myself enjoyed it very much. Actually, that’s my favorite thing about this product is that you can experiment with the beans and find different exciting tastes.

With its important concept and quality, I believe that this is one of the best Kinyovu coffee beans available on the market nowadays. The price is also pretty competitive and for a 12-ounce package, you will have to pay $13.99 in total. The packaging is also pretty impressive and it not only looks and feels nice but can also keep your beans fresh for a long period of time.

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