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Khawlani Coffee Beans – Only Coffee Grown In Saudi Arabia

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  • Flavor Profile: Low acidity but high bitterness, undertones of fruity and nutty tastes
  • Grown in: Saudi Arabia
Flavor Low acidity but high bitterness, undertones of fruity and nutty tastes
Grown In Saudi Arabia

Have you ever heard of Khawlani coffee beans? There is a very low chance of this as this variety is pretty rare and not very popular in the coffee industry. However, in this guide, we are going to provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about Khawlani coffee. So, these beans are a sub-variety of Arabica coffee beans. It is only grown in Saudi Arabia, meaning that it will be impossible for you to find this variety in other locations.

Khawlani was first imported from Yemen, which first got its coffee from Ethiopia. So, it will not be a surprise to say that the taste is very similar to the Yemen Mokha but still with many different undertones. Currently, Khawlani coffee is facing very serious problems because the farmers mostly have issues with irrigation and the overall process of growing this plant due to the environment and limited interest from the government. Seems like that the country is not very concerned about developing the coffee industry, however, that does not mean that the coffee produced there is not worth discussing.

The good news is that despite the lack of interest from the government, coffee is still an important part of Saudi Arabia’s culture. That’s the main reason why Khawlani coffee may soon be added to UNESCO’s tangible heritage list if approved.

The History Of Khawlani Coffee Beans

The verdant area of Jazan, located in the south part of Saudi Arabia, is blessed with steep mountain peaks, hot springs, deep woods, and endless arable land. That is the main home of Khawlani coffee.

Despite the fact that the Arabica coffee bean is very popular in the world, most people do not identify it with Saudi Arabia. Khawlani coffee beans are named after the great ancestor Khawlan bin Amir. The exact origin of the coffee is debatable, however, what we know is that people living in Saudi Arabia have practiced the techniques and skills of cultivating beans for more than 300 years now. The coffee production process was passed down from one generation to the next using non-formal educational methods, such as practical training.

Jazan, located in Saudi Arabia, is divided into 16 provinces. Out of these 16, six cultivate Khawlani coffee beans. Making coffee is a highly regarded occupation for the farmers here, providing cultural identity and prestige to the entire region. There are quite a lot of farmers in Jazan, however, as we already mentioned at the beginning, they confront several challenges, including a lack of water and working resources. Khawlani coffee requires a long and laborious growing procedure. Seeds are planted, and fruits are harvested 2-3 years later.

It is also important to note that the community in Jazan is the most enthusiastic supporter of coffee because they are personally engaged in the process of growing coffee, and it is really essential to them to demonstrate to the world that they have a very rich coffee history and legacy. In the past, people used to rely on growing coffee beans as one of their main goods to make a livelihood during hard times. The situation has since altered. People have begun to arrive in the region in search of investment opportunities. Hopefully, the overall picture of Khawlani coffee beans is going to change for good in the near future.

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