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Amarello Coffee Beans – Coffee From Brazil’s Amazon

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  • Flavor Profile: Pleasant acidity with little bitterness and notes of citrus and caramel
  • Grown in: Brazil
Flavor Pleasant acidity with little bitterness and notes of citrus and caramel
Grown In Brazil

Amarello coffee beans are a sub-variety of Typica, which is a variety of Arabica itself. It is mostly grown in Brazil. Serra do Caparaó, located in Brazil’s states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, is a location of rich productivity and a beautiful natural environment, with the renowned Pico da Bandeira being one of the highest points in the country. This is the origin of Amarello coffee, where people produce the most wonderful and flavorful drinks with a distinct flavor and the finest quality cup.

It should be mentioned that Caparao Amarelo is a single-origin coffee varietal that is solely grown in the Serra do Caparao. Because it is cultivated at an elevation of 4,700 feet, this drink has a very distinctive and different flavor, with a subtle taste of flowers and the brightness of orange. Caparao Amarello has a thick body, a subtle touch of florals, citrus fruits, particularly oranges, as well as a well-balanced level of acidity.

There are a few varieties of Amarelo as well. Such as:

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The History Of Amarello Coffee Beans

Amarelo coffee beans are derived from the Daterra farm, where the cherries are matured at an elevation of 3,700 ft. It comes with a cup score of 84, and in your cup of coffee, you can mostly identify caramel and toffee, but with a very delicate rose/fruit undercurrent. While discussing Amarello beans, it should be remembered that they have their own particular history of development. Let’s take a look at one of the company’s stories that have been producing the Amarello beans for a long period of time.

When Miguel Paschoal was 11 years old, he came to Brazil from Bari, Italy. When the Campinas City Market opened in 1908, he embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture: he built a stand in this business to sell coffee by the cup, a concept that is still commonly used today. Miguel expanded his business and gained the devotion of his customers by opening a grocery shop and, eventually, a petrol station. The petrol station was later sold, and the city’s first automobile service station was built, launching the Dpaschoal franchise. The company began investing in agribusiness in 1980. In 1984, all efforts in this area were aimed towards producing sustainable and specialty coffees. This is an example of social and environmental responsibility that the organization has been upholding for over a century, providing a lot to the development of coffee culture.

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